What is Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX generally available

The Beta Salesforce DX released in June 2017 will be generally available with the Winter '18 release. This is a customer relation management system (CRM) with a wide range of tools and options for developers.

With the approach of source code-driven development and agile delivery, Salesforce DX promises users easy and quick creation and provision of environments. Customers can put together the right package for themselves from a range of tools and determine which offers they want to use.

Command line, notes and connection to Visual Studio Code

The Salesforce CLI, an interactive, scriptable command line development, enables developers to quickly move source code from version control to the org. It can be used for development, but also for solving customer problems. Continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps automation are the basis for improved tools here.

Scratch orgs are short-lived test environments that programmers use in the development cycle and then delete them via the CLI. For test procedures, developers can assign functions and authorizations to these "notes" and feed them with sample data. Salesforce DX also integrates with Visual Studio Code with full support for features such as code highlighting, auto-complete, and overview views.

In addition to the existing Sand Boxes, customers of the Enterprise and Unlimited Edition receive the general availability of Salesforce DX and basic equipment with Scratch Orgs, which are available in their Dev Hub, which can be activated via the settings. Additional Sratch Orgs can be purchased as add-ons if required.

Further application examples can be found on the website. (kkr)

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