How did you get your first bra

BRA! When do I need one?

Lisa-Marie, 13: When do I notice that I need a bra? And how do I ask my mother about it?


Dr. Sommer Team: It's different for every girl.

Dear Lisa-Marie,

when a girl needs or wants a bra is a very individual matter. For most of them, it is crucial that they feel beautiful and feminine with a bra, but also to give their breasts support.

So if you already want to wear pretty, womanly lingerie, now may be the right time for your first bra. Or just when your breasts have already grown and you have the feeling that they have to be held or shaped for a certain outfit.

Many girls start with a bra for sports because otherwise the breasts will bounce and they will find it uncomfortable or embarrassing. Others wear one so that the nipples don't show up or they can cheat a bit in size with a push-up.

If you feel like trying out a bra, why not do it yourself. You can try it out yourself in the store to see if this is something for you. And if you like it, you simply tell your mom: "Mom. Can we go buy me a bra, please? I want one too now." She knows it's going to be soon. So trust yourself. That's part of growing up!

Your Dr. Sommer team


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