UK now supports 5G

Huawei is to be excluded from the 5G expansion in Great Britain

The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is now to be excluded from setting up the 5G mobile network in Great Britain. This is reported by various British media. British Minister for Culture and Media, Oliver Dowden, told the BBC on Monday that the US sanctions against Huawei would have far-reaching consequences. "This will probably also have an impact on the future viability of Huawei as a provider for the 5G network."

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the BBC that the sanctions - due to come into effect in September - are specifically designed to force Britain to rethink. The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided in January that Huawei could participate in the expansion of the super-fast 5G mobile networks in Great Britain, subject to restrictions. Providers who are considered to be at risk should only be excluded from core areas of the network. This would have paved the way for the use of Huawei technology, at least in parts of the infrastructure.

Trade agreement

Great Britain is hoping for a lucrative trade deal with the USA after leaving the European Union. A dispute over Huawei could have put a considerable strain on the negotiations

The US sanctions against Huawei, through which the Chinese company may be cut off from the supply of necessary microprocessors, have not only contributed to the change of heart, but also concerns of British security experts. The "Sunday Times" and the "Telegraph" reported that the cybersecurity agency NCSC had come to the conclusion that the security risk posed by the Chinese company's products could no longer be controlled in light of the latest measures taken by the US government.

A spokesman for Huawei told the Telegraph that his company was the most closely examined provider in the world. "We strongly believe that our unmatched transparency in the UK means that we can continue to be trusted, that we have a role to play in the UK's gigabit upgrade. It is important to focus on the facts and not speculate now."

5G technology from Samsung and NEC

In Great Britain, according to Minister Dowden, 5G technology from Samsung from South Korea and from NEC from Japan are now to be increasingly used, which until now have only played a subordinate role in the global market for 5G suppliers. Dowden said it also aims to reduce dependency on the two 5G technology providers from the European Union, Ericsson (Sweden) and Nokia (Finland).

The UK government’s change of course is costing the country’s wireless service providers dearly. Since the fourth generation of mobile communications 4G (LTE) and 5G are technically based on one another, existing LTE technology from Huawei can be upgraded to 5G relatively easily. However, if you want to exclude Huawei as a provider in the 5G network, 4G systems from Huawei must also be removed as part of the 5G upgrade, although they are actually still fully functional. Therefore, the providers in Germany are also resisting banning Huawei from the group of competitors. (APA, July 6, 2020)