Where's Manjummelin Kerala

Floods in Kerala (India)

The incessant rainfall that has struck the Indian state of Kerala over the past few weeks, and has been dubbed the worst in 100 years, has caused enormous damage. As a result, there have been landslides in the mountainous regions, which in turn caused dangerous flooding and almost overflowed the reservoirs, forcing the authorities to open the dam gates to prevent worse disaster. Hundreds of thousands are affected as their homes sank in the floods while the water continues to fall from the sky. The result was that many had to be evacuated, and the number of deaths is already in the hundreds. Thousands have lost their belongings, although it is still difficult at the moment to get an overview of the damage, which will definitely be immense.

How are our sisters and brothers in Kerala doing? So far we have received the following messages:

Many of our houses in Kerala are located on rivers, especially on Periyar, one of which has overflowed these days so that they are in great danger. The “Mount Carmel” novitiate in the province of Malabar in Kaladay was flooded, so that the brothers and some families had to take refuge on the second floor. There they endured for days without electricity and with little food, but thank God they are safe and the water levels are beginning to fall, even if the area is devastated.

The Manjummel Provincial Philosophy College and Spirituality Center in Atmadarsham were literally buried by the floods, the students were evacuated, but the damage to both buildings is enormous.

The same thing happened in Jyothirbhavan, Kalamassery (Manjummel). Thank goodness there are no fatalities to complain about, although the area is also devastated.

The novitiate convent of St. Joseph in Annbamanda in the province of Manjummel was completely submerged in the floods, but the novices and the community were evacuated in good time. The convent in Verapoly (Manjummel) is also flooded.

Our sisters from the Malayattoot Monastery were also hit by the floods.

So far we have no news of any death among our brothers. Some of our convents have become places of refuge for the most severely affected families. Thank goodness the waters are receding, which allows a better connection again, so we hope to get more news shortly. Although we know that the areas around Thiruvalla, Ranni or Alapuzha, where there are communities of ours, have been heavily hit by the waters, we cannot yet give more precise information because the connections, including the telephone ones, are not yet working well.

Once the water masses have completely receded, one will be able to measure the damage and estimate how great the losses of the order are in the region, which will certainly be enormous. In due course we will inform again to give help to our sisters and brothers and other victims.