How many elephants are still in Africa?

Elephants - the gray giants

Elephants are with up to 3.30 meters shoulder height and six tons in weight the largest land mammals on earth living today. They have the largest head, the longest trunk and the largest brain: even newborn elephants weigh over four kilograms - later, in adult animals, it weighs up to 5.4 kilograms. The family of elephants includes two genera: Loxodonta (African elephant) and Elephas (Asian elephant).

What the elephants have in common is their threat from humans. Has been for millennia Ivory as a raw material coveted for ornate carvings, sculptures, jewelry, inlays and luxurious everyday objects, and elephants have therefore always been hunted. In addition to hunting, the elephant populations were and are primarily due to Habitat loss, by not location-appropriate Agriculture, agro-industrial Major projects, human Settlements and Road construction threatened.

The WWF does this to protect the elephants

The WWF has been committed to the protection of elephants since it was founded in 1961 and works with rangers on site to protect the habitats of the pachyderms and to combat poaching.

This is how you help the elephants

  • African elephants

    The African elephants, the savanna and the forest elephant, only live south of the Sahara in South, East and parts of Central Africa. Continue reading ...

  • Asian elephants

    There are many Asian elephants as pets or working animals in Southeast Asia, but the pachyderms are critically endangered in the wild. Continue reading ...