How does data comparison help in marketing?

Data comparison for individual requirements

How you can draw real new customer potential from external data

Do you want to make lots of new contacts quickly? Classic address shopping and the use of public registers with personal and address data are an ideal opportunity to get fresh contacts for marketing campaigns at short notice. These external data sources can also be an efficient way to find new customers - if you really get new, relevant contacts into the company with a precise data comparison.

Faster to the relevant addresses

You can use address service providers to quickly purchase a large amount of contact data that is tailored to your target group through spatial, economic and socio-demographic characteristics. The challenge here is not to pay for contacts you already have and to preserve your data quality through data integration - keyword duplicates!

For a clean data comparison between external and internal sources, more than a 1: 1 comparison is required. matchmaker sees all connections with its intelligent algorithms, even if the data contains errors. As a kind of cleaner, it sorts out all unwanted data. You can control the selection criteria individually.

Intelligent data comparison with matchmaker

Merge all data

matchmaker quickly creates a data pool (in-memory index) from all external and internal data - regardless of the amount of data and the structure of the data. Please consider

>> All data from all systems
>> Any number of data sources
>> Multiple data structures

Compare data precisely

matchmaker finds all matching data records, even if the data does not look the same due to errors or is structured differently. The data comparison takes place

>> Fault tolerant
>> Speech sovereign
>> Cross-field

Narrow down data intelligently

matchmaker filters exactly the data that contains real customer potential according to compliance-relevant, legal, economic or sales-specific criteria. You can e.g. B.

>> Consider blacklists
>> Recognize families
>> Identify households

Simply integrated - multiple benefits.

In our projects for companies of different sizes it has been shown time and again that matchmaker releases unimagined potential when comparing external and internal data. On the one hand, the customer recognizes the really interesting contacts in the fully automated process and filters out duplicates and critical contacts with certainty. On the other hand, matchmaker achieves these improved results in a fraction of the previous process runtime. Its fast algorithms, multi-dimensional fault tolerance and high hit quality are real efficiency drivers. In short: With matchmaker, millions of data are securely synchronized in next to no time.

Sebastian Roth, Head of Project Management, exorbyte GmbH

Growing amounts of data slow down your data synchronization because you are comparing the sources individually one after the other? With the number of data sources, does the effort of data preparation (harmonization of data structures) increase? Selective comparisons according to target group-specific criteria (clustering) require the manual evaluation of contacts by experienced staff? You can solve all of these problems confidently and sustainably with matchmaker, because the intelligent matching engine can be adapted to new requirements and scaled for future applications at any time.

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The precise data comparison between all internal customer and contact databases and the externally acquired data is the key to filtering the really fresh contacts, not creating duplicates, minimizing the costs of data purchase, not unnecessarily straining the data quality and subsequently with the Marketing campaigns to avoid wastage. Matchmaker uses several algorithms to map extensive linguistic knowledge, which means that data can be understood in a multi-dimensional, error-tolerant manner. After all, you want to win new customers and not address existing customers or "lost contacts".

External data sources for your marketing

Public registers

In Germany, various company and professional group directories are partly public and partly accessible on request. You can obtain contact details from the federal or state registers. For example, the IHK provides company information and offers individually selectable address databases for a fee.

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Address service provider

Address traders specialize in characterizing and selling addresses to advertisers. Deutsche Post is one of the leading address traders, but smaller, specialized providers also offer addresses and associated dialogue marketing services. beDirect has over 18 million addresses in its reference database.

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