Who is mighty Denethor or Aragorn?

What if Boromir had received the Ring of Power?

For the most part, the following did not happen, it is mainly about a what-if scenario

The Nine Companions try to cross the Pass des Caradhras on their way to Mordor. On the way on the pass, Frodo stumbles and falls, losing the One Ring of Power. Boromir picks it up again, but does not give it to Frodo. "Give the ring back to Frodo!" Aragorn admonishes him. But Boromir, filled with purely patriotic ideas, thinks of his beautiful Gondor, who is repeatedly besieged by Sauron and his allies, and thinks that he can use the One Ring against the enemy, for Gondor. He tries to make it clear to the rest of the companions. They in turn try to convince him that the ring only obeys Sauron alone. A quarrel breaks out during which Boromir puts the ring on his finger, without realizing that the ring makes it invisible. The companions could no longer see him and so Boromir found out that he was invisible thanks to the ring. He was able to get away quietly and took the path through the gate of Rohan to get to Minas Tirith. Finally Legolas with his keen elven eyes spotted Boromir's footprints far away (because in the vicinity of the companions Boromir was walking on tiptoe so that one could not observe his walk), and the companions pursued Boromir. But the footprints ended where the snow ended, further down the valley. Boromir had meanwhile reached the Rohan Gate. There he slept, and in the morning he put the ring on, became invisible, and stole a horse and rode off to the southeast. He rode past Isengard. In the vicinity of Isengard he sensed a mysterious power, this was Boromir's first great trial. Because this power emanated from the ring and was intended to induce Boromir to bring the ring to Isengard. Boromir himself didn't know what was wrong with him, but he was also aware all along that he wanted to achieve 1 fixed goal, namely to save Gondor with the ring. And so Boromir passed the first test and rode on towards the southeast. He had long since put the ring down when three ringwraiths came flying in on their fur beasts. The Dark Lord Sauron knew very well that Boromir had the ring, as Boromir had put it on several times. Again he felt this power, a power that should tempt him to give the Nazgûl the ring, this was Boromir's second great trial. This time the power was much stronger. And again Boromir became aware of his goal for Gondor, and put on the ring to become invisible, and wanted to ride on unnoticed. What he did not know, however, is that the Nazgûl can also see him with the ring, and the ring anyway, to which they are bound themselves. In addition, Nazgûl can smell very well, Boromir could smell them too. On their fur beasts they surrounded poor Boromir who had been trapped in this way. Boromir was now blowing the horn of Gondor, as he was in need. Perhaps someone who might be nearby could also help him. But people did not come to his aid, only Rohan's farmers were nearby, some of whom came looking from a distance and did not dare to help Boromir. But the Great Eagles have come, led by Radagast on Eagle Lord Gwaihir, Radagast is the keeper and protector of the eagles. An aerial war broke out between the eagles and the fur beasts, which the eagles under Radagast won. The ringwraiths had to retreat to Mordor on their fur beasts. Radagast now took Boromir on Gwaihir to Minas Tirith. Radagast explained to him that when he heard the sound of the horn of Gondor, he immediately set out with his eagles to help Boromir. Boromir now realized that the ring only obeys Mordor. With the help of Radagast he passed the second exam and when the two had arrived in Minas Tirith, they told and explained everything to Boromir's father Denethor, who was very glad that his son had returned safely. The one ring was hidden and kept. The remaining eight companions helped Rohan during this by driving Théoden Saruman, successfully defending Helm's Deep, led by Théoden and Aragorn, who came to the aid of Éomer and Gandalf at dawn, and together with the Ents they conquered Isengard, led by Treebeard, Gandalf , Aragorn, Merry and Pippin. Saruman was stabbed by Gríma, Gríma himself was shot by Legolas because he stabbed him when Saruman wanted to tell them where Sauron would strike next. In Edoras, however, they learned by chance from Pippin that Gondor was the next destination for Sauron. But in Gondor they only worried about Radagast and Boromir, since Truchsess Denethor sent the two of them to fly on the Great Eagles from Radagast to Mordor and toss the ring into Mount Doom, while Gondor’s armed forces were dispatched to Minas Morgul, officially retaking it, in truth as a distraction from the enemy. That was a suggestion from Boromir. So the ring was taken out of its hiding place and Denethor sent the two on the eagles to Mordor, on the condition that Faramir would also accompany them. Faramir agreed, for the first time Denethor also valued Faramir, now that much has become clear to Denethor. Above the crater of Mount Doom, Boromir refused to throw the ring, which had already taken hold of him, into the fire, whereupon the eagle pushed his rider Boromir into the crater, including the ring. Gollum, who was more or less watching Boromir the whole time, then threw himself into the ravines when he saw that his "treasure" had been destroyed. Sauron was ousted, Mordor fell, and the Free Peoples of Middle-earth are saved. When Denethor learned of Boromir's fall, he stabbed himself. Faramir became Truchseß, and when Aragorn came to Minas Tirith, Faramir gave Aragorn the rule, and Aragorn was crowned High King of Gondor and Arnor. Faramir was allowed to remain governor and was appointed prince of Ithilien by Aragorn.

As I said, for the most part the story did not happen that way, but is largely a what-if scenario. I hope you like the story.