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WC 7225 bought used - very cheap only 26000 pages - questions

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Question about Xerox Workcentre 7225: Multifunction printer, A3 (laser / LED) with A3, copy, CCD scan, fax option, color, 25.0 ipm, 2,400 dpi, PCL / PDF, Ethernet, duplex printing, duplex ADF (110 sheets), 3 feeders (1,090 sheets), 2013 model

WC 7225 bought used - very cheap only 26000 pages - QuestionsTopic0Hello,

I bought the above-mentioned device used at a reasonable price. However, I am still a little skeptical whether it really only put out 26,000 pages.

Device probably comes from a company resolution and is from 2016 or 2015. Generally in top condition, only the admin password was no longer available, but I was able to restore the old password with a reset.

The toner is also 100 percent full, but probably not an original one, as I have now discovered. The device does its job so far. Except for a few small things regarding the calibration. (Print postponed)

One of the reasons for the price was that the device is not used and you don't often find someone who buys such a device (because of the size). And when I look at eBay and the like, they are also available there relatively cheaply - but also with 10 times the number of printed pages.

What also makes me a little puzzled is the "remaining time" of the fuser - 1.9 million pages ... or around 16,000 days. Does the printer perhaps calculate this itself based on usage values?

These counters can be manipulated to a limited extent in the diagnostics menu, but is that also possible with the total counter? Is there anything else I should / could control?

Thank you for the helpWC 7225 bought used - very cheap only 26000 pages - questions # 114Hello Gast_58279

the fuser unit for the Xerox Workcentre 7225 is rated for 100,000 pages when it's new! This value was therefore manipulated ...

Nevertheless, the parts are quite common as LED printers, nothing for designers, graphic artists and architects - but well suited and economical as a pure office printer with acceptable color printing.

I would personally reset the fixation completely again for only 26k pages so that the value is reasonably correct again:

1. Remove the network cable, switch on the MC. Start screen (menu overview)
set (home button).
2. Hold down button 0 for at least 7 seconds and after this time also press
press the green button.
3. Now enter the ID: 6789 and confirm on the display.
4. Select the Maintenance tab.
5. Select DC135 CRU / HFSI.
6. Select fuser and confirm reset counter.
7. Confirm with Reset.
8. Close the window with Close / Call Closeout, then select Exit and Reboot.
9. The machine will now restart, reconnect the network cable.

Best regards and have fun with the Workcentre! WC 7225 bought used - very cheap only 26,000 pages - Question # 20 Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I've already read that it is only designed for 100k pages. The question that arises for me is; Why should you manipulate it yourself to such a value when the printer only has 26k pages?

Transfer belt and secondary transfer roller are at 173k. That works because they are designed for 200k pages.

And I just noticed the numbers are pretty much the same:

1973260 - fuser unit
73260 - sec. Transfer roller
73260 - transfer tape

Is it possible to manipulate the total counter? It'll work somehow, but you definitely have to have a little idea about that.

Do you have any tips on how to best calibrate and adjust the printer? Do you know about Xerox devices? And does it make sense to completely reset the values ​​from the NVM and then adjust and calibrate again?

I just looked in the menu to correct the values. When editing the value, the "Current Life Expectancy 2000000" is displayed. Post was changed by the author on 04/07/21, 7:18 pm.

Can someone help? Similar posts without answer ...

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