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50 travel twitter profiles to follow

Twitter has 2.4 million active users in Germany alone and is one of the most popular and widely used social networks in the world. The microblogging platform is in line with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Unlike these social networks, Twitter is not only used to keep in touch with friends and family, but rather as a short message service. In the travel industry in particular, Twitter is often used to keep up to date with the latest developments in airlines, bloggers and travel magazines.

We bring you 50 travel twitter profiles that are really worth following.

Travel bloggers to follow on Twitter:

@offthepathcom - On his multilingual travel blog, Sebastian writes about his experiences around the world. He is also a co-founder of the first German blog camp.

@planet_backpack - Conni is the queen among backpackers and some time ago she made the world her home as a digital nomad. Together with Sebastian she founded the blog camp.

@T_W_O - Monika and Petar post about North America and Canada on Travel World Online. She writes and he's behind the camera.

@JustTravelous - Yvonne writes freely in English and German about her travels in the big wide world.

@joigele - THE blog for best agers with a thirst for travel and adventure. Sonja and Udo are constantly on the move and they have been reporting on their travel experiences since 2012.

@I know, where - You can find all kinds of travel tips on the travel enthusiast blog; Hotel, restaurant and travel tips in general.

@Lilies_Diary - As a former fashion fan, Christine once made the fashion shows unsafe - today the world is her playground.

@ broadgrad53 - Jörg is a journalist and has already seen countless places. The list is long, but his wish-list is much longer. Very exciting!

@claudirtw- At Claudi around the world, every blog article has a song title, prejudices are cleared up and there are lots of great tips and photos.

@reisedepeschen- The somewhat different travel blog - here you will find travel and experience reports from many different great authors. A special mix!

@blackdotsws - Susi sees the world as a white spot that has to be covered with black dots and so she diligently collects these points.

@Smaracuja - If you are interested in design and creative photos in combination with travel, you have come to the right place at Smaracuja.

@Heimatherz - On Heimatherz you will not only find travel advice and tips, but also restaurant recommendations and recipes. At the moment Sarah is on an XXL honeymoon trip across the world.

@lilmsitchyfeet - On this blog, Doris wrote about sustainable travel and special people she met. Now she is devoting herself to a new project, which is definitely worth following -> @Thebirdsnewnest

@MrsBerryde- “Travel tips with kids” is the motto of this travel blog, but on Mrs Berry you can find much more than just travel tips, but also craft ideas and also help and suggestions on how to make traveling with the little ones a great experience.

@LaWeltenbummler- On Weltenbummler Mag you will find a lot of travel tips, but also some culinary advice. The “Carte de Recommendation” attached to many articles is particularly helpful.

@Sun and clouds - Jana enjoys life to the full and you notice that with every sentence you read from her. Pure joie de vivre!

@TalkaroundtheW - In addition to travel stories, insider tips and facts, Talk around the world also features gossip about the world. Martina reports with a lot of passion what happens to her on her travels.

@parttime travel - On this travel blog Janett and her team of authors give great and detailed travel tips for professionals and short-term travelers. It's definitely worth stopping by!

@pinkcompassde - Pinkcompass.de is all about women traveling alone. Carina has also recently written a guide for women.

@patrickhundt- Backpacking tips and philosophy of life. Patrick was employed a short time ago and then quickly decided to discover the world as a digital normad. He gives helpful tips on this on his blog and in his books.

@ninotsch- The motto of Nicole's travel blog Freibeuter-Reisen is “From the waterfront to the sea” and hits the nail on the head. On the blog you will find tips and information about the most diverse places and about diving.

Travel magazines to follow on Twitter:

@fvwde - fvw is the travel magazine for tourism and business travel based in Hamburg. If you are interested in the tourism industry, you will find all the news about airlines, hotels, events and much more here.

@Marcopolo_de - Here you will find travel insider tips, insights, news and updates from one of the most popular travel guides in Germany.

@tonlinedeReisen - t-online.de Reisen tweets exciting stories, tips and news about travel and tourism.

@MERIAN_de - The Hamburg travel magazine makes you want to travel, contains interesting reports, travel destinations, photos, videos and a shop where you can get accessories.

@MM_Mallorca - Mallorca Magazin is the first German-language island newspaper on Mallorca and has been since 1971. You can get information about the island in German and Spanish on Twitter.

@adventure trip - On Adventure Travel you get travel tips, you can exchange ideas in the community and watch great travel videos.

@Reisemobil_Int- Here everything revolves around traveling with the motorhome, regardless of whether you are only looking for information on motorhomes and accessories or if you want to buy a motorhome, you will find all the information on Reisemobil International.

@GEOde_Reise- On the Twitter profile of Geo.de you will be regularly informed about new travel reports, podcasts and inspiring photo galleries in the magazine.

@lonelyplanet_d - Lonely Planet is the travel magazine by travelers for travelers.

Airlines to Follow on Twitter:

@SouthwestAir - Here you will be kept up to date with offers, current events around Southwest Airlines and experiences that customers have had with the airline.

@AmericanAir - American Airlines provides useful tips and inspiration for your trip on their Twitter page.

@British_Airways - Follow British Airways on Twitter for interesting information about flying, competitions and the latest happenings.

@Lufthansa_DE - The most popular German airline is holding great competitions on its profile. Even the planes are being embellished for the World Cup in Brazil. Follow the exciting #Fanhansa campaign.

@air Berlin - The second largest German airline informs you daily about new routes, the latest news about airspace and flight offers.

@FlySWISS - Stay up to date. Find out what's new at the airline straight away on the SWISS Twitter profile.

@Condor - All information about the German airline, competitions and news can be found on Condor's Twitter profile.

Journalists to Follow on Twitter:

@guenterexel - Günter Exel is a media professional with 20 years of know-how in journalism, marketing, tourism, web & social media.

@KristineHonig - Kristine Honig writes about and for tourism experts & travel bloggers. Is involved in tourism marketing & social media and is a consultant at @Tourismusblog and freelance writes at @TouriMark.

@berndschwer - Berd Schwer lives in Hamburg and is a travel journalist, editor at GEOSAISON and STERN / Reise, blogger at tourististan.de.

@DerBrose - Niklas Brose is a travel journalist, radio presenter and speaker.

@MHowest - Markus Howest is an editor for iBusiness, a travel journalist and photographer with a focus on Spanish-speaking countries, a book author and a specialist in corporate publishing.

@meikemeilen - Meike Meilen is a freelance journalist and regularly reports on her travel experiences on her travel blog meikemeilen.de.

Networks to Follow on Twitter:

@TripAdvisorDE- On this profile, TripAdvisor Germany tweets the latest about TripAdvisor and travel.

@urlaubsguru_de - The vacation & travel bargains blog informs you around the clock about travel offers and last minute bargains.

@reiseblogsorg - The platform for German-speaking travel bloggers (PDRB) came together in April 2013 to simplify and improve the work between travel bloggers and industry.

@RB_Kollektiv - The travel blogger collective consists of seven leading travel bloggers who couldn't be more different.

@TBblogstars - Stay up to date with all the news about the blogger network via the Travelbook Blogstars Twitter profile.

@TouriMark - Here you can find out everything about tourism, marketing, social media and blogger relations.

* Of course there are a lot of other great and interesting Twitter profiles, which we could not include in this list, otherwise it would become endless.

Which Twitter profile do you particularly like to follow?