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For people who work in the media, press and radio, e.g. journalists, reporters, editors and people with comparable employment, the I visa is suitable if they want to pursue their job in the USA. In order to acquire equipment or rights for a foreign media company, however, one is usually sufficientB-1 visa.

A B-2 visa must be applied for if a representative of foreign media in the USA wishes to give a guest lecture, including a paid one, or an event that does not last longer than nine days. However, such paid events may have been held for a maximum of five institutions within the last six months.

The US stay with the I visa is generally not limited in time and is possible as long as the applicant meets the necessary requirements. Also, unlike other nonimmigrant visas, they do not have to prove that they will continue to reside abroad during their stay in the USA.

Requirements for the press visa applicant

An I visa is only issued to people who work in the media and want to travel to the United States for work. The applicant must be employed by or work for a non-US media company (e.g. as a freelancer).

The same applies to the assumption of costs in connection with the production of (documentary) films: Most of them have to be borne by organizations or companies outside the USA.

The applicant must also have a press card. When applying for the I-Visa, it should be possible to present a corresponding employment contract and a current letter regarding the specific posting in addition to the press ID.

Self-employed journalists can only apply for an I visa if they meet the following criteria. You need to:

  • have proof of eligibility from a journalistic organization
  • be commissioned by a media company
  • only disseminate information or messages that are not primarily for commercial entertainment.

Requirements for the planned activity

It should be noted, however, that an I visa is only possible if the activity to be pursued in the USA is primarily for information or education and not for entertainment. People who make videos or films of an entertainment nature are explicitly referred to the O visa or that P visa referenced whose requirements are not so easy to meet.

In principle, a E-Visa, H visa or L visa can be considered if the respective requirements are met. To shoot a film or video with an entertainment character, however, it is not possible to apply for a B-1-in-lieu-of-H-1B visa, even if the abstract requirements are met.

Family members

Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 can accompany the applicant. However, they will only be issued an I visa if they want to live with the applicant in the USA for a longer period of time. For short-term visits, you must apply for a visitor visa (B-2) or enter under the Visa Waiver Program.

Neither spouse nor children are allowed to work in the United States. However, they are allowed to attend or study schools, including higher education, without having to apply for an F-Visa.

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