Is Kim Kardashian's booty really that big?

After Beauty Deal: Is Kim Kardashian Really A Billionaire?

Is she a billionaire or not? A few days ago it became known that Kim Kardashian (39) had sold 20 percent of her shares in her own cosmetics company KKWBeauty to the large corporation Coty Inc. She was able to earn an impressive 200 million dollars (around 178,000,000 euros) with the deal. Because of this, many thought the company was worth a billion dollars and that the reality star was just as rich. But unfortunately this calculation doesn't quite work out!

Like the business magazine Forbes is said to have found out, Kim is missing a small portion of her company to reach billionaire status. At first it was said that 80 percent of their company now belongs to Beauty - that's not entirely true: Her mother Kris Jenner (64) also owns seven percent of the company's shares. It is precisely these that are supposed to prevent her 39-year-old daughter from moving up to the league of the super-rich. What is particularly bizarre about the whole story, however, is that of all people, Kim's husband Kanye (43) hadn't considered all of this when he came up Twitter boasted, "I'm so proud of my beautiful wife, Kim Kardashian West, that she officially became a billionaire."

Even if the mother of four is only allowed to call 72 percent of KKWBeauty her own, she is still the one who has the upper hand. In addition, she only wants to leave the economic part to Coty, while she continues to be responsible for the products themselves: "This relationship will allow me to focus on the creative elements that are so close to my heart"she stressed TMZ.

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