Where is the best view in Hungary

Top 5 viewpoints in Budapest

Budapest is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Whether by day or by night, the city (almost) never sleeps, life pulsates and there is a lot to discover. Most of the time, many only look at the city from Buda Castle, although there are numerous other vantage points from where the city can be seen from a unique perspective. We are now showing you in the ranking our top 5 of the most beautiful viewpoints in Budapest, which you should definitely plan for your next visit to the city.

5th place: Hármashatár-hegy (Three Boundaries Mountain)

This mountain marked the borders of Buda, Óbuda and Pesthidekút, which at that time were still considered independent places. Hence the name of the mountain: Hármashatár-hegy (Three Boundaries Mountain). The almost 495m high mountain offers all tourists who like nature and long hiking trails a unique view of the city. A few years ago a viewing platform was built on the top of the mountain especially for this purpose.

But if you decide to go to this mountain, you should know one thing: The bus line 65 or 65A of the Budapest public transport company runs from Kolosy Square, only to Fenyőgyöngye, at the foot of the mountain. From there, an asphalt road leads the 2.8 km long route up to the viewing platform. Because of the difference in altitude of about 180m, you should plan enough time for the route. Approx. 40 to 45 min. you need on average for the ascent (approx. 6 minutes by car), which is rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view. Because not only the city, but also the Pilis Mountains can be clearly seen from here, in good weather.

There is also something for animal lovers. If you decide to climb early in the morning or late in the evening, there is a high probability that you will encounter some wild boar families or observe them eating.

4th place: Sas-hegy (Adler-Berg)

Located west of the Gellert mountain and at the same time a nature reserve. From here, visitors get a completely different view of the Castle District, St. Stephen's Basilica, the Citadella (citadel) and the National Gallery.

Take the 8E bus at the Astoria or Elisabeth Bridge, and you will reach the “Sion lépcső” station after a 10-minute bus ride. From there, the path leads over Meredek Street, then left uphill over Korompai Street and finally left uphill again over Tájék Street to the visitor center of the protected area. For a fee of 550Ft / person, everyone can enjoy the view daily between the end of February and the beginning of November from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

3rd place: Kaán-Károly-Kilátó (Kaán Károly Lookout Tower)

Somewhat out of the way, in the middle of the forest, is the Kaán-Károly lookout tower. This tower is special because it is far away from all tourist vantage points and visitors can enjoy the silence as well as the view. For amateur photographers in particular, it offers a great all-round panorama of Budapest and the Pilis Mountains.

The tower can either be reached by bus 22, 22A from Széll Kálmán Square (Szépjuhászné stop, Gyermekvasút), or, in our opinion, even more romantic, with the children's train (Gyermekvasút), which runs from Normafa or Hüvösvölgy through the mountains and forests . If you are traveling with the children's train, you should get off at the Szépjuhászné stop, from there, you can clearly see the path up to the tower. A hiking trail of approx. 1 km and a duration of 15 minutes. is ahead of you then. For me personally it has become one of the most beautiful places to photograph a great sunrise, especially in autumn or winter. As with the Hármashatár-hegy, the same applies here: It is significantly colder than in the city (temperature differences of up to 10 degrees compared to the city center)! If you come here early in the morning or in the evening for a sunset, you should definitely pack warm things, because it can get very cold quickly.

2nd place: Gellérthegy (Gellért mountain)

The classic next to Buda Castle. There is probably no tourist who has not marveled at the city at least once from the citadel. Especially in the evening hours, numerous tourist groups, newly in love or married people who want to enjoy a romantic sunset, cavort here.

But what is so special about the citadel? Actually nothing, especially when two dozen tourist groups with their cameras, selfie sticks block your view or destroy the mood. But why did Gellért Mountain still make it on our list? What many tourists do not know: There are small viewing platforms everywhere on the mountain, some even quite remote from the main paths. From such small points everyone can choose whether they prefer the view of the Liberty Bridge and the southern part of Budapest, or the view of the city center and the Parliament building. Over the years we have found at least 8-10 viewpoints all over the mountain. Take your time, tour the whole mountain and end the day with a nice bottle of wine and a wonderful view of Budapest in one of the secluded viewing niches.

1st place: Erzsébet-kilátó (Elisabeth lookout tower)

For me personally as a photographer, the highlight among the viewpoints. Located in the mountains of Buda, this tower, like the Kaán-Károly tower and the viewing platform on the Hármashatár-hegy, offers a great and unique panorama of the city. A special feast for the eyes for photographers: the parliament building is exactly opposite, so great and unusual shots of the building can be taken. Visitors can reach the tower after a 2km walk through the woods. Alternatively, you can also follow the paved road.

Another tip from us: Take bus 21 or 21A from Széll Kálmán Platz to Normafa, walk through the forest, take a look at the tower and the view, and combine the return trip with a ride on the cable car that is just before the hill with the observation tower. Especially the drive down into the valley offers another great panorama of the city and, thanks to a journey time of approx. 10 minutes, invites you to cuddle. From the valley you can take the 291 bus back to the Westbahnhof.

Those who do not want to take the cable car can also take the children's train and continue touring through the Buda forests.

Because of the numerous possibilities that the surroundings of this vantage point offer, it is in first place for me in the ranking.

(Written by Márk Mervai, Photos: Márk Mervai)