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How To Make Money With Twitch | 5 ways

Good news for all broke bitches out there: In 2020 it will be easier than ever to turn your hobby into a source of income with little effort. Here's how you can make money on Twitch:

Boring work, boring tutorials or tutoring and babysitting are a thing of the past - today you can easily earn your money online. And no, we're not talking about dubious poker portals, mafia-like football betting or stressful eBay sales. We're talking about online video streams and gaming, because there is great potential for you here.Really successful streamers on sites like can easily earn over EUR 35,000 a month.

Earning money with Twitch vs. YouTube

There are many online video and streaming portals, but the most popular platforms are YouTube and (formerly

The difference is now less than it was a few years ago: While on YouTube at that time only recorded videos could be uploaded, which the viewers can call up over and over again, Twitch was the first to be pure live streams. As a follower, you have to tune in at the right time so as not to miss anything. This effect ensures that viewers have to consciously choose a streamer and often stay tuned for longer. Both portals have certain limits on followers / watch time or subscriptions that must be exceeded in order to monetize your channel.

Millions of streamers and viewers cavort on every month. The most popular are the gaming streams, in which you can watch professionals and amateurs live video games. Multiplayer, strategy, shooter, sports and many more.

Viewers have the opportunity to comment live. In addition, viewers can subscribe to a Twitch channel for a small amount. Donations as a thank you, reward or incentive are also distributed - real money that goes directly to the gamer. As a streamer, there are 5 ways you can get rich.

Getting more followers is a lot easier than you might think: In our next post, we'll show you how, in 5 simple steps, more Twitch followersget.

So you see, Twitch has potential. And here we would like to show you how you can use this potential for yourself and your channel:

5 Ways You Can Make Money On Twitch

Affiliate Marketing, Recommendation, Referral:

GETTING STARTED: You don't even need a Twitch partnership to give product recommendations and place referral links in your profile. Providers like Amazon and programs like Adcell approach the streamers directly and offer them collaborations.


If you then, for example, praise your headset while streaming and point your viewers to the link in your bio, you will participate in the sales you have generated. The partner programs then track the sales generated through you using the link.

You can also approach the providers directly and register yourself with Amazon Partnerset, for example. The same applies here again: range is everything! Evermore followers, the more interesting you are for the company.

Donations & Donations:

Getting donations from your viewers is certainly the best way to get a lot of cash as a streamer. Because there are no limits to donors. You can find videos of sensational donations on YouTube again and again - US $ 10,000 in one fell swoop from super fans, wealthy oil sheiks or companies.


But the mere mortal Twitch community is also very generous. If a gamer has know-how, provides valuable tips and ensures good entertainment, the viewers are happy to thank you with tips. Therefore, more viewers, more donations!

Subscriptions & Abo:

Each partner can also market their stream as a paid subscription. Your viewers then pay around EUR 5 per month, of which you can put around EUR 2.50 in your own pocket. Because Twitch also wants to earn money and keeps 50%.

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Subscribers benefit from advantages because they are assigned special rights for your stream. For example, you can take part in competitions or gamble with you. How to get your followers through Personal branding and brand trust that makes you subscribe can be read here on the emport blog.

Ads, TwitchAds & Advertising:


Almost a sure-fire success for everyone who wants to make money with Twitch. Who doesn't know the (annoying) ads in front of a YouTube video or a Twitch stream? Google Adsense places advertising banners, promotional videos and ads on channels with high reach and can adapt the content to your target group. The integration of such Twitch Ads is worthwhile for you.

You can get between 2-10 EUR per 1000 views and you don't even have to do anything for it. And best of all: the more relevant your content, the more you earn per 1000 viewers.

Sponsoring & Merch:

You don't need to be a Twitch partner to be sponsored by manufacturers. You have probably already noticed that popular gamers often wear merchandise, i.e. t-shirts, caps or other items from well-known brands in the video game sector. You get this directly from the manufacturers in return for so-called product placement.


So you place the products in front of the camera during your stream and it is best to talk about the benefits they bring you and why you prefer exactly this brand. The use of sponsored equipment is also common.But be careful, so that the whole thing does not become surreptitious advertising, you have to use product placement, e.g. with a small one P. note on your stream. An individualized overlay is available for this, which you receive in the emport Twitch package.

Attention fake sponsoring:

Even newcomers keep getting fake sponsorship inquiries, flooding their channel's spam folder. These are mostly dubious companies based in countries where the legal situation is a little looser. They offer you affiliate deals for questionable game key stores and other trading platforms that are not real.

If you accept such an offer, your viewers will be directed to their pages. If you are unlucky, your fans have a really bad experience there, which in the end falls back on you and your channel.In addition, it is often reported that the initially promised commissions were not paid out. Better not put your reputation on the line for something like this.

Therefore we advise: Always research first which company it is. Read reviews and exchange ideas with other Twitch streamers. Dubious offers usually look unprofessional and are written in poor German or English. Best approach: ignore or report!

Willrich with Twitch

Real Twitch professionals can earn up to tens of thousands of euros per month with their stream, not to mention sensational donations that bring $ 100,000 more to the bank account in one fell swoop. This is definitely more than just a part-time job, because even permanent employees can only dream of such sums.

Stop! Before you even imagine what you can buy with the clay, we want to point out that such record sums are very rare. More realistic for beginners are between 300-500 EUR. However, this income can multiply quickly and real pro-streamers earn several thousand euros a month. Earning money with Twitch is worth it! Therefore, it is guaranteed to be worthwhile in a individual Twitch design to invest and get the most out of your channel.

Twitch professionals show how it is done

Almost every successful streamer has their own stylish design. This makes the channel look much more professional and simply looks better. New viewers get a much higher quality impression right from the start and perceive you and your channel as the right brand.

You can significantly increase the chances of becoming a well-known streamer by giving your stream its own, tailor-made look. Not least because you stand out more in the search results or the overview of all streams of a game and are therefore clicked more often. This is how you can earn money with Twitch too!

Summary of making money on Twitch:

  • Stand out, increased awareness
  • Imprint, improve recognition value
  • Lending authenticity
  • Transporting values, identity and vision
  • Increase in credibility, appears more professional and serious
  • Essential for Word of Mouth / word of mouth / recommendation
  • Increased audience loyalty and loyalty of fans leads to more returning viewers and longer stays in the channel
  • Increases the interaction or activity of viewers in the channel (chat, participation in campaigns, donations, etc.)