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How to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa

Amazon's "Alexa" can now also be used as the standard voice assistant on Google Android smartphones. t-online.de shows how it works and when the step is worthwhile.

The "Google Assistant" is set as the voice assistant by default on Android smartphones. Sure, because both products come from Google. Still quite new is the option of setting the competition from Amazon as the standard with a few clicks. Instead of the Google voice, "Alexa" then replies to the inquiries. The prerequisite is that a new version of the "Alexa app" is installed on the smartphone.

Replace the "Google Assistant" with Amazon's "Alexa". That's how it's done:

Set Alexa instead of Google Assistant: Step 1 to 3 in the Android settings (Source: Marc Krüger / t-online)

Set Alexa instead of Google Assistant: Step 4 to 6 in the Android settings (Source: Marc Krüger / t-online)

The example shows the setting under Android 8.0. With other versions, the display may look slightly different.

If "Alexa" is set as standard on the smartphone, simply press and hold the home button of the smartphone to call it up until Alexa answers. Then give the desired command by voice or ask a question. Those who are used to activating Amazon's assistants via "Alexa" call, as with the Echo loudspeakers, will be disappointed. Only the long press of the button starts the query - unlike the "Google Assistant", which also reacts to the command "Ok, Google" or "Hey, Google" on the smartphone.

Who should make Alexa the default assistant?

Switching the standard voice assistant from Google to Amazon is particularly worthwhile for those who have already got used to "Alexa" - and for those who do not start the "Google Assistant" by voice command. Because that is a disadvantage of the change: "Alexa" only starts by pressing a button. That costs time and is impractical - for example when driving a car.

In addition, products from the same manufacturer usually work better and smoother with each other - in this case the Android operating system with the in-house "Google Assistant". Incidentally, it remains active in the background even after switching to "Alexa", especially when it comes to voice input such as Google search or Google translator. Switching back from "Alexa" to "Google Assistant" is possible at any time. The steps are the same as shown for the selection above.

t-online.de tip for those who are undecided

If you just want to try out "Alexa" on your smartphone, you can do so first in the "Alexa" app - without changing the standard wizard in the Android settings.