Who founded the blackjack team at MIT

The legend of the MIT blackjack team

Especially with the exciting game of blackjack, also known as 17 and 4, you need a lot of luck to get exactly to 21 or to stay just below it. The well-known MIT blackjack team had managed to develop a strategy to outsmart the dealer. Today this is known worldwide as card counting. In film 21, this exciting story is again dealt with in detail

In this article you can read exactly what the MIT Black Team is all about and the exciting story of how their strategy took all the casinos out of their money back then.

The history of the MIT blackjack team

The MIT Blackjack Team is a group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hence the name MIT, who were successful with the card counting strategy in blackjack from 1979 to 1993.

At the beginning the group consisted only of individual students who met at the university to play cards. Since all the students were mathematical talent, they had the idea to use card counting techniques and outsmart the casinos in the process. In addition to the thrill of the game, there was of course the attraction of making money quickly.

The group grew bigger from time to time. New members had to take tests in advance to see whether they were suitable and had the brains to count cards.

When the MIT Blackjack Team was founded in 1979, the founder J. P. Massar even gave a course for it, which was even taught at the university. Later in 1980, Bill Kaplan even joined them and honed their card counting skills.

In December 1993, the MIT blackjack team and its successors disbanded.

Why does film 21 portray the story of the MIT blackjack team so well?

The film 21 was released in 2008 and is an American drama. Even though the film is based on the book "Bringing down the House", many of the methods and events of the MIT blackjack team were included. The film 21 is about fraudulent card counters in casinos and how they used force against it. The focus is on the student Ben Campbell of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as the founder of the MIT Blackjack Team in 1979.

He had applied for a scholarship because he could no longer pay his tuition fee. At university he was invited to a secret group by a math professor and learned how card counting works. In doing so, they have robbed all the casinos of their money.

Because of its story and the connection with real events, this film is very worth seeing. Especially if you are interested in gambling yourself.

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