Who is Ash's father

Pokémon: After 23 years, Ash has a father

Ash finally talks about his father in the new Pokémon movie.

The Pokémon anime has been running for almost 23 years - but nothing is known about Ash's father so far. Where was he all the time his 10 year old son threw himself into dangerous fights and who is the mysterious man anyway? We could soon get a little closer to the answers.

Pokémon: does Ash have a father?

As the protagonist of the Pokémon anime, Ash beats himself with the help of his cute Pikachus and a constantly changing team of Pokémon and companions around the world. Not much is known about his family so far: viewers only know Ash's mother, Delia Ketchum, who seems to have a very close relationship with her mime - Could this be a substitute for her husband be?

Since the series began in 1997, Ash's father, or rather his absence, has not been discussed. For 23 years fans have been wondering what it's all about: Is Ash's father? on his own journey or has he possibly died? Now Ash is talking about him for the first time.

Pokémon: what does Ash remember?

In the new Pokémon movie "Secrets of the Jungle" Ash should finally speak about his father. The 23rd film in the series is primarily about family ties. So when Ash finds a human child in the jungle who is being raised by the Pokémon Zarude, he wants the boy some advice from his own father give me on the way.

Here we have embedded the trailer for you:

The film has been so far only in Japan broadcast. It is still unclear when a German version will be published. It will probably be so far in early 2021.

Comicbook.com now shares a quote from the scene in which Ash talks about his father:

“When I was little, my friends laughed at me because of my dreams. Whenever I started sulking about it, my papa would tell me the following: The card to your dreams is inside you. If you give up now, your dreams will not come true either. "

So it is now clear that Ash is his father at least got to know Has. What happened to him has not yet been clarified, but it paves the way for future discussions on the subject. Perhaps the remaining questions from fans will be answered in the next few years.

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