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When is sex allowed?

Hardly any other topic is more exciting in puberty than sex. The first time Sexual intercourse is exciting, but it is also often associated with high expectations and fears. Every young woman and man has to deal with many questions before it can even start. You are sure to have some questions too, such as:

At what age can you have sex with whom and what is considered sexual abuse? Do children have to ask their parents' permission if they want to use the pill or other methods to prevent pregnancy? Which contraception methods are there anyway? And is there a minimum age for certain methods? Do teenagers have to be a certain age to buy condoms?

The laws on sexual activity and contraception are not always easy to read. We have collected and explained the most important things for you.

Sexual contact with children under 14 is a criminal offense

If either of you is under 14, it is better to take your time with intercourse first. Even if both of you are ready and in the mood for it - the older one gets on with the sexual acts punishable. Even if he is just a little bit older, for example just turned 14. When you have feelings for one another, are in love, and are happy, this rule may seem silly to you at first. But it has an important background: According to German law, you are a child until your 14th birthday. And this law serves the safety of children, girls and boys protect against sexual abuse.

What many young people normally do not know: this rule does not only apply to sex. Anyone who masturbates in front of a child under the age of 14, shows them porn or engages in other sexual acts such as petting, also breaks the law and runs the risk of being punished for it.

"It doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl - the older one is always a criminal offense."

From what age is sex allowed?

As soon as you are 14, you can get a little closer to your great love sexually. Then you don't need to be afraid of legal consequences, provided, of course, you both want that too! Not just the first time there are in addition to the methods for prevention also a few other things for teens to consider.

If one youth is under 16 and the other is over 21, the older one may be possibly punishable do. For example, when the younger person is still very inexperienced and therefore cannot assess whether they want something or not. In legal terms, this then means “lack of ability for sexual self-determination”. If the elderly person takes advantage of this, it is considered abuse and is punishable by law.

Under certain conditions, sex with so-called also applies wards Girls or boys as abuse. As long as you are under 18, you are a “protected person” for people who have something to say to you or who are responsible for you. This can be, for example, your teacher, your boss or the team leader in the holiday camp. Caution is required here, because if it comes out that an adult caregiver is sleeping with you and taking advantage of their position or the special relationship of dependency, they will make themselves liable to prosecution. Not just at sexual assault, but also if you wanted to have sexual intercourse yourself.

Different rules apply abroad

The age limits for young women and men are not the same everywhere. You have to keep this in mind when you are on vacation abroad. In Spain, for example, the limit is not 14, but 16 years. If you are toying with the idea of ​​a sexual relationship abroad, you should therefore know about the respective age of consent. So ask yours Vacation flirt it's best to start by looking at your age and watch out which sexual acts are allowed or forbidden there.

»If you are gay or lesbian, it is essential to find out about the laws in the holiday country beforehand. Unfortunately, homosexual contact is still banned in many countries and can lead to severe penalties. "

Your parents can't forbid you to have sex

If the basic requirements are met - you are at least 14 years old and your boyfriend or girlfriend is not considered to be protected - then yours can parents Don't forbid you to have sexual experiences. The subject is entirely up to you. But they can forbid you to sleep together at home. Even if you are over 18 years old. Because your parents have this here Domiciliary right. This means that they determine who is allowed to stay with you at home, when and for how long.

What is the minimum age for condoms?

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Condoms As a child, you can always buy something - no matter how old you are. Which is great, because in addition to contraception, the rubbers also offer protection sexually transmitted diseases. And even if you still want to wait with your first time - it can't hurt to find out about contraceptive methods as a teenager.

Get a pill prescription? You can do that without mom!

If you are over 14 and want to get a pill or other contraceptive prescription for your first time, you can go to the doctor on your own. The doctor first assesses whether you are mentally ready to make such a decision about contraception on your own. If that is the case and there is nothing against it from a health point of view, you can get the pill or another contraceptive as a girl without your parents' permission.

If you are over 14 and want to get a pill or other contraceptive prescription, you can go to the doctor on your own. The doctor will assess whether you are mentally ready to make such a decision on your own. If that is the case and there is nothing against it from a health point of view, you can take the pill without your parents' permission to get.

Pills, IUDs, condoms and the like - there are different methods of contraception

In addition to condoms or the pill as a hormonal contraceptive, there are also other options other contraceptive methods, the use of which can prevent pregnancy. For example, IUDs, copper chains or natural, non-hormonal contraceptive methods. At the doctor’s first you can get one health education. He will advise you on all aspects of contraception, the first time, pregnancy and which contraceptive is the best method for you. But even if the doctor doesn't want to prescribe you the contraceptive, don't worry that your parents will find out. Because the doctor has to keep confidentiality, even if you are a minor. You can find more about this under patient rights.

If you have statutory health insurance, you don't have to worry about the cost of the pill - until your 18th birthday, the health insurance will cover the costs for girls. In individual cases, this can also apply to other contraceptives such as the IUD; your doctor's practice can advise you on this.