How can I down-sample or bit-crush audio?



J2SDKAnt is a platform-independent creation tool for Java. Used by Apache, Jakarta and other XML projects.


Jack and ALSA audio analyzer.

Jaaa is an ALSA and JACK audio analyzer, includes audio signal generator and spectrum analyzer to make measurements.


Jabber is a collection of XML-based network protocols mainly used for instant messaging. The core of the protocol (XMPP) is an Internet standard for instant messaging.

Common functions such as messaging, conferences with multiple users, online status displays, file transfers and many other services are supported in this area. An essential feature of Jabber is open standardization. In addition, Jabber allows communication with users in proprietary networks such as ICQ or the Yahoo! Messenger are signed in.

The network architecture is reminiscent of SMTP: every Jabber server connected to the Internet can exchange messages with other servers. This enables connections across provider boundaries. Messages are forwarded from the user to their own server, from there to the external server and then to the recipient. Isolated networks, for example in company intranets, are also possible.


Aim Transport for Jabber Servers.

This package integrates aim for the Jabber server.

Read the documentation for installing japper-aim.

ATTENTION: To activate and support aim-japper, the following must be observed:

  • Uncommented aim part in / etc / jabber / jabber.xml
  • Edit / etc / jabber / jabber.xml and / etc / Jabber / Jabber-aim.xml replace with aim.localhost with aim.your_computer_full_domain_name
  • Fix configuration of our DNS server aim.your_computer_full_domain_name

jabber conference

Conference service for Jabber servers

This package includes conference services for Jabber servers.

ATTENTION: To activate and support the conferencing service, the following must be observed:

  • Uncommented conference part in / etc / jabber / jabber.xml
  • Edit / etc / jabber / jabber.xml and replace / etc / Jabber / Jabber-conference.xml with conference.localhost with conference.your_computer_full_domain_name
  • Fix configuration of our DNS server conference.your_computer_full_domain_name


Jabber user directory service for Jabber servers.

This package includes service directory maintenance for Jabber servers.

Read the documentation on installing the service.


Provides MSN transport for the Jabber IM server (IM stands for "Instant Messaging").

This package requires the Jabber package to work.


Provides the Yahoo message transport for the Jabber IM server. This package requires the Jabber package to work


Jack and ALSA Convolution Engine

JACE is a convolution engine for Jack and ALSA, with FFT-based partitioned convolution with uniform partition sizes.


Jackbeat is an audio sequencer for musicians and sound artists on Linux and Mac OS X:

  • A drum-like interface with an accurate VU meter for easy editing.
  • Use in real time: during playback, the sequences can be edited and adjusted, the bpm rate can be changed and new samples can be loaded.
  • easy to use and yet powerful: just plug the plug into a socket on the rack and you can insert the LADSPA effect extensions on the basis of a track, master with jacketq (a three-band equalizer), etc….
  • Loads and saves the .jab, Jackbeat files of the XML tar file format.
  • Unique masking function: with this option you can very precisely insert silence into a track.


The Jack Audio Connection KitJ

JACK is a server program that runs in the background and ensures that audio signals can be exchanged between one or more programs and the output / input ports of the ALSA sound card driver as well as directly between programs.

JACK is built to receive and forward audio data as streams, with: maximum flexibility - every output can be connected to every input, regardless of where the signal originally comes from and whether the connections are provided by a program or via ALSA by the sound card , and:

as synchronous and as close to real time as possible.


Example clients for using the Jack Audio Connection Kit.

jack rack

LADSPA Effects »Rack« for JACK.

JACK Rack is a “rack” effect for JACK, the audio API with low latency. The rack can be filled with LADSPA effect extensions and is controlled by the use of the ALSA sequencer. That's fat; it turns your computer into an effects box.


generates printable formats of SGML or XML using Jade.

JadeTeX in conjunction with Jade or OpenJade can be used to create the printable output formats of SGML or XML files. This package contains 'jadetex', which creates a DVI output that can be viewed with 'xdvi' and 'pdfjadetex', which can be used to create PDF files. JadeTeX is a collection of LaTeX macros. JadeTeX generates the output of the TeX backend for Jade or OpenJadeie.

Note that Jade and JadeTeX use DSSSL to generate formatted output from SGML or XML source files. Debian also supports SGML / XML document formatting using XSL stylesheets instead of DSSSL. This is done by other packages such as passivetex, xsltprocoder fop.Homepage:


Create web albums from your digital images.

This gallery software creates web albums from digital images.

JAlbum aims to be a simple but powerful tool and it's free!


Software creation tool, a replacement for make Jam by Perforce (formerly called Jam / MR) is a powerful and highly lexible tool for creating programs and other things that can be run on Unix, NT, VMS, OS / 2 and Macintosh MPW using portable Jam Files running. It can create large projects that are spread over many directories in one step and work through tasks in parallel, which make would not be able to do. It takes time to fully appreciate. This is especially true if you are already used to make, but there is no comparison of power between the two programs. Standard rules:

  • can automatically determine header dependencies for C / C ++. (You can customize it for your preferred language.)
  • provide automatic clean, install and uninstall rules so that an automake-like program is not required.


Audio mastering interface.

With Jamin, audio streams from the Jack server can be processed with multi-band compressors and a very powerful graphic equalizer. Created by Steve Harris.


  1. 1023 tape hand drawn EQ with parametric control
    • Lookahead brickwall limiter
    • Multiband stereo processing


    jAOLT is a Java-based and therefore platform-independent application. It helps to set up, manage and list auctions on eBay and AuVito


    Jack and Alsa Perceptual Audio Analysis.

    Japa (Jack and ALSA Perceptual Analysis) is a perceptual or psychoacoustic 'audio spectrum analyzer.

    In contrast to jaaa, it is more of an acoustic or musical tool that is of a purely technical nature. Possible applications are spectrum monitoring during mixing or mastering, as well as the assessment of ambient noise and (with knocking noise), equalization of PA systems.


    JPEG 2000 utilities.

    Jasper is a software-based implementation of the codec in the emerging JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard (ie, ISO / IEC 15444-1). This package contains tools for working with JPEG-2000 images.


    Java packages runtime scripts for GCJ

    This package installs directory structures, shell scripts and links

    for simultaneous JPackage-compatible runtime environment with GCJ.


    Java packages developer scripts for GCJ

    This package installs directory structures, shell scripts and links

    for simultaneous JPackage-compatible developer environment with GCJ.


    Source files for libgcj.

    This package installs a version-independent shortcut to src zip which point to a specific version of the libgcj sources.


    Java runtime environment for Java-1.5.0-sun.

    This package contains the Java runtime environment for Java-1.5.0-sun


    ALSA support for Java-1.5.0-sun.

    This package contains the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) supporting libraries for java-1.5.0-sun.


    Demo files for Java-1.5.0-sun.


    Java developer kit for Java-1.5.0-sun.

    The Java ™ Developer Kit (JDK ™) contains software and tools for compiling, troubleshooting and executing applets and applications, written in the Java programming language.


    TrueType fonts for Sun JVMs.


    java-1.5.0-sun-jdbc JDBC / ODBC bridge driver for Java-1.5.0-sun.


    Browser extensions files for Java-1.5.0-sun.

    Please note that this package only supports browsers with GCC 3.2 and higher


    Source files for Java-1.5.0-sun.


    Java runtime environment for Java-1.6.0-sun


    ALSA support for Java-1.6.0-sun.

    This package contains the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) supporting libraries for java-1.6.0-sun.


    Demo files for Java-1.6.0-sun.


    Java developer kit for Java-1.6.0-sun.

    The Java ™ Developer Kit (JDK ™) contains software and tools for compiling, troubleshooting and executing applets and applications, written in the Java programming language.


    TrueType fonts for Sun JVMsD


    JDBC / ODBC bridge driver for Java-1.6.0-sun


    Browser extensions files for Java-1.6.0-sun. Please note that this package only supports browsers with GCC 3.2 and higher


    Source files for Java-1.6.0-sun


    Java SDK for creating Mandriva Java RPM packages. Contains references for building the standard Java SDK, which is required for building Mandriva rpm packages for Java software.


    Java 3D API. The Java 3D API provides a number of object-oriented interfaces that support a simple, high-level programming model that you can use to create, render (render), and control the behavior of 3D objects and visual environments. With the Java 3D API you can integrate high-quality, scalable, platform-independent 3D graphics in applications and programs based on vector calculations of Java technology.


    Debugging information for the java3d package. This package contains troubleshooting information for the java3d package. Troubleshooting information is useful when developing applications that use this package or when troubleshooting problems with this package.


    Documentation for java3d.


    Jay is a parser generator for Java and C ++. This is a port from Jay to C ++. Jay is a parser generator for Java and C ++. This is a port from Jay to C ++.


    Free tool to manage e-bay auctions. The tool for eBay users (eBay is a gigantic internet auction site in case you don't know, which I doubt though :-)). It is a stand-alone application that can monitor auctions and supports automated bids called "snipes".


    The JBIG kit.

    JBIG is a highly effective lossless compression algorithm for bi-level images (one bit per pixel), which is particularly suitable for scanned document pages.


    Create interactive exercises.

    JClic is a collection of open source applications for creating interactive exercises and assessments.

    JClic is written in Java and works on all platforms.

    The JClic project and its community are located on the web portal of the Department of Universities, Research and Information Society (DURSI) of the Government of Catalonia.

    With JClic a wide variety of interactive exercises and exercise sequences can be created with multimedia support. The exercises can be used online as a Java applet or offline with a player. JClic-Author creates whole exercise packages in so-called projects. A project contains all files belonging to the package (graphics, multimedia, etc.), the individual exercises and the sequences created.


    Jack utility for measuring latency of sound cards.

    This small command line application "JACK" can be used to measure the latency on the sound card. It uses the phase measurements with a series of tones and determines the delay from output to input. The accuracy is approx. 1/1000 in one sample.


    IBM JFS utility programs.

    IBM's journaling (recording) file system technology, journaling capabilities for the Linux operating system.


    Command line tool for reading and editing EXIF ​​extensions in JPEG files.

    Most digital cameras produce EXIF ​​files, which are JPEG files with extra tags that contain information about the picture. The tool is very compact, the executable file is just around 35 kb in size, the entire package (with documentation) takes up 60 kb. For more information, see / usr / share / doc / jhead-2.6 / usage.html.


    Fast Java compiler.

    Jikes is a Java compiler that defines Java source files as in 'The Java Language Specification (Addison-Wesley, 1996)', in the byte-encoded instruction set and binary format used in 'The Java VirtualMachine Specification (Addison-Wesley, 1996)' is defined, translated. Unlike other compilers, Jikes only accepts the Java language exactly as it is defined: not as a subset, variant or superset.


    Reference implementation for JMF.

    JMF (Java Media Framework) is a Java library for handling audio and video data. The API supports the recording of microphone and camera and allows reading and saving of audio / video formats.

    JMF provides the ability to easily write Java programs that present time-based media. These programs can be applets or applications. The implementation is very simple, as the controls are implemented via so-called managers. Various resources can be used for input and output of the data, such as B. microphone, loudspeaker, camera, file system or a simple screen output. Due to the open concept (extension technology) it is also possible to add further resources and manipulators (processors). This means that simple multimedia applications or even exercise applications can be implemented in real time.




    Jack utility, generates white and pink (1/1) noise.

    This little command line application "JACK" generates white and pink Gaussian noise.


    user-friendly full-screen text editor Joe.

    Joe's Own Editor, behaves like most PC text editors:

    the keyboard shortcuts are reminiscent of the editors WordStar and Turbo C, but Joe has a lot more skills. It has everything a Unix user can expect:

    Use of termcap / terminfo, complete Unix integration à la VI, a powerful configuration file and a search system that supports regular expressions. Joe also has six reference sheets that are always available and an intuitive, simple, and well-designed user interface. Joe has a great algorithm for optimizing screen updates, has multiple windows (which / between which you can scroll), and no confusing named buffers. It has a command history, TAB extension in file selection menus, undo and redo, indentation / indentation and paragraph formatting, filtering of selected blocks using external Unix commands, editing of pipes in or out of commands and block movements, copying and deleting and filters. With a simple configuration file in the style of QEdit, Joe can be used to emulate editors such as Pico or Emacs.It also has a full WordStar imitation and a restricted mode (which only allows you to edit the file specified on the command line). Finally, Joe has a delayed screen update to support type-ahead and ensures that the delay is not bypassed using TTY buffering. Joe can even be used at 2400bps and works on any reasonable terminal.


    John the Ripper Password Cracker.

    John the Ripper is a fast password cracker for most versions of Unix, Windows and VMS. Freeware and OpenSource. The most common password hashes are supported, Kerberos AFS Windows NT / 2000 / XP. The options can be expanded even further using patches. Creation options:

    - Definition of the term extra_cflags 'Support additional cflags


    Jokosher the powerful multi-track studio.

    Complete suite for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio files with numerous functions, such as the import of all music formats supported by GStreamer as well as a large number of different instruments for editing the song Jokosher offers the following functions:

    • Easy to use interface,
    • Easily edit with parts, trim, and move tools.
    • Multi-track volume mixing with VU sliders.
    • Import audio (Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, WAV and everything else supported by GStreamer) in your projects.
    • A number of instruments can be added.
    • Mute or solo
    • Export to MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WAV and everything else supported by GStreamer.
    • Documentation (user guide, FAQ, manual) and user community (forums, IRC).


    Graphic puzzle game.

    Jools is a graphic puzzle game in the tradition of Tetris. In a few words, the goal is to get the creation of three or more of a kind in a row so that they then disappear. The hallmarks of Jools are chic 3D rendered graphics.


    Joomla Open Source (CMS).

    Joomla! is a content management system (CMS) developed by the same award-winning team that brought the Mambo-CMS to its current glorious state.

    joomla administrator

    Open source (CMS) administrative web interface for Joomla.


    Package utilitiesUtilities for the JPackage Project :

    Build the Java classpath in a portable manner

    • / usr / bin / build-jar-repository

    Build a jar repository in a portable way

    • / usr / bin / rebuild-jar-repository

    rebuild a jar repository in a portable way (after changing a jvm ...)

    • / usr / bin / build-classpath-directory

    Building the Java class path from a directory

    shows the differences in content

    Installation of JVM extensions

    • / usr / share / java-utils / java-functions

    Shell script functions library for Java applications

    • / etc / java / jpackage-release

    String Determination of the currently installed JPackage output

    System-wide Java configuration file

    • /etc/rpm/macros.d/jpackage.macros

    RPM macros for Java developers and packers

    • /usr/share/doc/jpackage-utils-1.7.0/jpackage-policy

    Java tactics in the field of compression and for packer developers

    jpeg progs

    Programs for editing JPEG format (image files).

    The JPEG-progs package contains simple client programs for accessing the libjpeg functions. Libjpeg client programs include cjpeg, djpeg, jpegtran, rdjpgcom, and wrjpgcom. Cjpeg compresses an image in JPEG format. Djpeg decompresses a JPEG file into a regular image file. Jpegtran can apply various useful transformations to a JPEG file. Rdjpgcom Displaying text on a JPEG file. Wrjpgcom inserts text / comments into a JPEG file.


    J-Pilot is a desktop application for the Palm-Pilot which runs under Linux and UNIX.

    jpilot mail

    Email extension for jpilot.

    jpilot-Mail is an extension for jpilot, which enables the receiving and sending of mails.


    SyncMAL extension for J-Pilot.

    SyncMAL is an interface to the command line tool malsync, the program synchronizes the PDA with a MAL server such as AvantGo.


    JavaScript engine.

    JavaScript is the object scripting language developed by Netscape.

    This package was created for the purposes of Sablotron and is particularly suitable for embedding in applications. See for details and sources.


    With the jscalibrator you can calibrate your joystick for Linux games.

    The joystick wrapper library (Libjsw) is intended to ensure a uniform API and user configuration for joysticks and other game controls (game controllers) on all platforms.

    It has an integrated level calibration system library so that Jscalibrator only has to perform a calibration once for each program that uses Libjsw. Libjsw also supports different layers of advanced error correction in joystick input.

    You can find more information on the jscalibrator website at .


    Simple JavaScript bridge for gecko-sharp2.

    JSCall is a simple JavaScript bridge for Gecko #.

    It's a workaround until someone writes a proper XPCOM bridge for Mono and uses unmanaged code and P / Invoke to call the Gecko XPCOM components from managed code. It should work with any .NET language, but I've labeled C # for the sake of simplicity. I don't expect a lot of people to use it as the documentation is a little more than minimal; please contact me [email protected] if you need help on how to work with it.


    A native Linux VST extension system.

    The meta-package for software containing sub-packages can be found at

    • Jost: A host application for native VST and other extensions.
    • Eqinox: A 6-band para-graphic equalizer (VST)
    • Soundcrab: A simple monophonic soundfont player (VSTi)
    • Ndcplugs: Some of Niall Moody's NDC plugs (VST / VSTi)
    • Destroyfx: Some DestroyFX VST effects extensions
    • Xt2synths: Jorgen Aase's energyXT2 VSTi synthesizer extensions
    • Others: VST extensions which do not fit into one of the packages mentioned above.


    Linux ports of some DestroyFX VST extensions.

    Ported some of the DestroyFX Extensions (VST) to Linux. This package currently contains:

    Buffer override - try it out and hear what it does

    monomaker - plays mono

    scrubby - zips all the time

    skidder - turns the sound on and off

    transverb - can reproduce the delays from memory at different speeds.

    Authors: Sophia and Tom 7 [email protected]


    6-band graphic equalizer.

    JUCETICE / EQinox v0.2.1 VST / 6-band graphic equalizer 4 EnergyXT2 Copyright (C) 2007 Kraken / Gore (

    The free-experimental software. Use at your own risk!

    Author: Lucio Asnaghi a.k.a. Kraken / GORE


    A host for native VST extensions on Linux.

    Jost is an audio host application for extensions. Jost is the first open source native vst host application on Linux.

    Jost will primarily host VST / LADSPA / DSSI extensions.

    Jost is still in the early stages, but it already has some very good functions, tests and judgments for itself. Written in C + + using the JUCE framework ( / juce). Author: Lucio Asnaghi a.k.a. Kraken / Gore


    Linux ports of some Niall Moody's NDC plugs.

    Some of Niall Moody's NDC connector (VST) ported to Linux.

    This package contains:

    Buffer Synth 2 - A mixture of the Wave-Table Synthesizer and the GRM Freeze extension.

    Cycle-Shifter - reads a cycle's value of the input signal, and then reproduces it on the current output.

    Feedback-y Thing - basically a delay, with very short delay times and high feedback.

    SoulForce! - a very standardized waveshaping distortion extension

    Author: Niall Moody



    VST extensions native VST effects and synthesizer extensions from the jucetice website:

    CMT Bitcrusher to sample down with rotation parameters

    CreakBox a 303 emulator with a clock sequencer

    TurnTablist Pro is a turntable emulator, can load a wav file and scratch it

    Chip32 is a simple wavetable synthesizer

    VOPM an FM synthesizer

    Authors: Marko Myöhnen (CMT Bitcrusher) BioRoid (CreakBox, TurnTablist Pro) Sam (Chip32, VOPM)


    A simple soundfont player implemented as a native Linux vst plug.

    JUCETICE / SoundCrab v0.2.0 VST / SoundFont2 player 4 EnergyXT2

    SoundCrab is a complex and neat instrument for playing your favorite Sound Font Sample Packs. It is fully polyphonic and CPU-friendly with high interpolation of sample playback. It has a lot of controls to control the high-end hardware synthesizers: tone controls, amplifier / modulation envelopes, filters, panning.

    This is free experimental software. Use at your own risk!

    Author: Lucio Asnaghi a.k.a. Kraken / Gore


    energyXT2 VST synthesizer extensions.

    Four VST synthesizers written by Jorgen Aase for his cross platform. Audio / MIDI sequencer and VST host application energyXT2.Author: Jorgen Aase


    Jukes is designed for the serious MP3 user. This program is designed for people who want to rip entire CDs or possibly save their entire CD collection to their hard drive. Jukes enables you to view all your CD's as mp3 and play them like a real jukebox. Ideal for DJs, whether at home or for parties, all your favorite music is ready to play at any time. No more the annoying change of CD's


    Clever little bunny game.

    Absolute cult game for 2-4 players, in which the goal is to knock your opponents flat as often as possible by jumping on the head. It gets really funny when you play with 3 or 4 people on a PC! To play the game:

    • Jiffy plays with the arrow keys