How thin men defend themselves

A little bacon on your hip will boost your sex life

Certain body features can improve your chances in the mating market. A slim, well-built body is one of them for many. But what can be helpful at first glance turns out to be a disadvantage during sex at the latest. Rather, rely directly on a partner with curves.

Which figure type do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? Lifestyle magazines and dating platforms regularly ask this question. The answers are always unsurprising and imaginative: women (65 percent) want men with a slim, sporty figure - but please not too many muscles. Men (69 percent) find women most attractive when they are slim. The body should be firm, but not athletic, please.

These polls and the media put so much pressure on men and women that some really believe they need to change something about their bodies (36 percent). What bullshit! Not only do I say that, but also scientists. These body ideals might fit perfectly into fashion magazines, but the disadvantages become apparent during sex at the latest: The sharp bones drill into the other person's body in certain positions - ouch! There is also no way to get your hands on properly. There is nowhere to hold on to or to support and reinforce the partner's movements. And: There is no fat buffer that cushions a somewhat rougher occurrence. If you move around without thinking about it or if you are handling it too harshly, the other person may flinch and complain loudly about the pain. A pleasure killer badly!

Men and women benefit from extra pounds

In their study with around 61,000 participants, even scientists from California, USA, have proven that one or two love handles / a little more on the hips is positive for sex life. Men of different ages who are slightly overweight - but also of normal weight - have more sex and sexual partners, according to the study. Their lifebuoys bring the men an average of around 13 sex partners. Underweight and obese people only manage to average 8.5 - they are even more often single than men with a medium BMI.

  • And women also benefit when they put significantly more pounds on the scales: people of normal weight have an average of six sexual partners in their life, slightly overweight and curvy around seven. On the other hand, very slim ones came up with an average of five lovers in the study.

A belly approach changes the angle of impact

But just because men and women weigh a few more pounds and thus have more sexual partners, don't they have to be better in bed? But! Because they like to put their curves in the limelight, experiment more with their bodies than underweight or overweight people and are often much more self-confident. And these are very important factors for being good in bed. Oh and: According to a study, a small belly approach in a man changes the angle of impact: it becomes more pointed. This means better stimulation of the woman in the missionary position.

All well and good, but what about dating? Should you be slim first and then feast properly in the relationship? No! According to the study, thin women and men often appear ill and hardly resilient. And that impression worsens their chances in the singles market - unless they are just out for sex and they don't care who they end up with.

So, ditch your resolutions to finally shed a few pounds this year. Because one or the other roll of fat can have a positive effect on your love and sex life.

Jennifer Buchholz, Editor at, writes in her column "Lust, Vice, Love" about love, partnership and sex.