How can I translate a MacBook into Chinese

Safari now also offers “Translate to German” on the Mac

The new translate function was announced for the first presentation of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur last summer. Apple started the new feature, with the help of which foreign-language websites can be translated into German at the push of a button, but only at the beginning of November - reported.

Since then, the translate function can be used in the mobile Safari browser, but it is still marked as beta here and was only slowly rolled out by Apple. Instead of offering the new feature to all active iPhone and iPad users after a system update, for example, Apple has opted for a slow rollout that is customary in the industry, but untypical for Apple.

Slow rollout on the Mac too

This can now also be observed on the Mac. Several users report that Safari also offers them the new translate function on the desktop. A behavior that we cannot yet or not yet understand on all computers.

If your own Mac is already part of the group selected by Apple that is the first to receive the translate function, this is noticeable through a new button in the Safari address bar.

Here, Safari briefly displays the information "Translation available" immediately after loading the page and, after clicking the mouse, then offers all the languages ​​that are stored in the system settings under "Language & Region"> "General"> "Preferred languages" and which Apple can already translate.

If you opt for the Safari translation, it is not only active on the active page, but on the entire domain. However, if you leave this once, the page reloads in the original language the next time it is accessed.

Support for 7 languages

Apple currently supports translation into English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Portuguese.