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Fergusson College, Junior Wing

General information about the school

Fergusson College was founded in 1885 in the heart of the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India and is now one of the top 10 private colleges in India. In close cooperation with the Savitribai Phule Pune University, we hold state final exams. We give our learners the knowledge and moral values ​​they need to survive in today's world. Despite all the modernity, we do not lose sight of our traditions.

School program

Fergusson College, Junior Wing is part of Fergusson College. The Junior Wing covers the 11th and 12th grades and ends with the highest possible Indian school leaving certificate, after which the pupils can start studying. Job-oriented training courses are also available. Fergusson College offers tuition from 11th grade through graduation.


Fergusson College is particularly known for psychology, economics, and the STEM subjects. There is also a special feature in the language profile of our school. A total of six languages ​​(Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, German, English and French) are offered. We are the only college in Pune that teaches both German and French as major.

German lessons at the school

We have the oldest German language department in India. After receiving his doctorate in Sanskrit and Comparative Linguistics in 1914, Professor Panduranga Gune returned to Pune and taught German alongside his other duties. In 1918, the first bachelor's degree in India began with German at Fergusson College. In 2014 we celebrated our centenary for German classes in India. Today around 330 young people learn German in the Junior Wing.

PASCH activities and international exchange

The school successfully takes part in PASCH activities and receives prizes and grants. Projects such as “Rethinking”, “Mathematics that you can touch”, “Helmet Design” and many more are particularly popular. Fergusson College has been organizing exchange programs with France, Glasgow, Japan, Denmark and of course Germany since 1996. For our students and teachers, the technical and cultural exchange is always a profitable experience.

Extracurricular activities

The German department organizes an annual festival: "GerMania". We invite German experts to workshops and seminars on topics such as history, literature and the environment. We often celebrate historical events, for example “50 years of Franco-German friendship” or “100 years of German lessons in India”. During the “Joy of Giving” week we celebrate with and for the visually impaired.