How do I pass medical examinations

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What does the medical examination consist of?

A medical certificate must be submitted for admission to the sports boat driving test. It is best to familiarize yourself with the medical examination form before calling a doctor. It is designed in such a way that even non-medical professionals can understand it. The investigation consists of three parts.
1.) First z. B. Using a board with ever smaller numbers and letters, your eyesight can be determined. Then the Ishihara tablets will be presented to you. These are A4 boards with red-red, green-green and red-green mosaics that represent a number or a letter. No doctor has to certify this first part; many officially recognized eye test centers do this for free.
2.) The second part consists of a short hearing examination. It is limited to someone speaking to you from three meters away while you cover one ear and five meters away when both ears are open. No doctor has to certify this either, a hearing aid acoustician does it for free.
3.) In the third part, a doctor must certify that you have no seizure disorders and no similar illnesses that prevent you from obtaining a driver's license. To do this, present your vehicle driving license.
The entire examination takes less than 5 minutes.
When you call a doctor, just ask if he can work out your eyesight and determine (e.g. with the help of Ishihara tablets) that you do not have red-green weakness. If so, he can and may carry out the examination.