How do fans feel about film reviews?

Write a film review

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If you are curious and want to know exactly how to write a film review, just read on here ...

How do I write a "film review"?

What does a film review say?

In a film review belong

  1. Information about the film
  2. Your opinion about this movie.

In a film review always include genre, subject and a brief synopsis. Actor, director, year and country of production can also be interesting.

  • With action, science fiction or animation films, you can go into technical aspects.
  • In dramas and comedies, the focus is more on acting and the script.

And how do i start?

If it's been a long time since you've seen the movie, you'd better watch it again.
Otherwise you will find it difficult to summarize the plot and provide examples to support your opinion.

As with other types of text, you proceed in three steps:

1. Preparatory work

  • research (Research)
  • notes (Notes)

2. Writing

  • introduction (Introduction)
  • main body (Bulk)
  • conclusion (Graduation)

3. Revise

  • correction (Correct mistakes)
  • editing (Revise formulations)

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Preparatory work: facts, opinion, notes

1. Gather facts

Write down important information. For example:

  • when and where the film was shot.
  • who was involved (director, lead actor / actress, producer).
  • when and where the action takes place (setting).

Also write down special scenes and quotes.
You can decide which information you want to use in the end when you are writing.

2. Form an opinion

Think about how you think about the film. Write down adjectives (in English of course!) That you can use to describe him. Also, take notes on the movie's strengths and weaknesses.

3. Take notes

The best way to organize your notes is in a table:

film facts my opinion
title: "Twilight" dark atmosphere
teen vampire movie romantic and dramatic
adaptation of book by Stephenie Meyer fans of the book will not be disappointed
leading actor: Robert Pattinson ("Edward"), leading actress: Kristen Stewart ("Bella") a must for vampire fans

Writing: The introduction

A good introductory sentence piques the reader's interest.
For example, you can start your text with a question for your readers, with an interesting comment on the subject of the film, or with a good film quote:

  • Teens, vampires, love. It seems that these three words guarantee success.The "Twilight Saga" followed this recipe and made everyone involved rich and famous.

  • Is it OK to make a funny film about the German Nazi Regime? Is it even possible?Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds“ answers both of these questions - with a crazy loud “Yes!”.

Writing: Main body

The main part consists first from a short summary (Summary). You can start them like this, for example:

  • Based on the novels of Stephenie Meyer, the films tell the story of ...
  • Set in World War II, the film brings together the stories of a German Jew hunter (Christoph Waltz), a German movie star (Diane Kruger), ...

You can write the names of the actors in brackets after the names of the film characters: ... a German Jew hunter (Christoph Waltz), a German movie star (Diane Kruger) ...,

As Second comes yours opinion (Opinion). It is important here that you comment on really important aspects of the film. Also, make sure to use meaningful language.

aspect description
cast / acting / charactersexcellent / weak / terrible / awful / (un-) convincing / (un-) talented
story / plot / scripttragic / dramatic / clever / surprising / convincing / confusing / slow / weak / predictable / boring
music / sound effects / photography / special effectspowerful / spectacular / impressive / rich / dark / dull / weak

Maybe you can back up your opinion with a scene or a quote?

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Writing: Conclusion

Close yours review with a recommendation. For example:

  • If you are interested in films about….
  • Only watch this film if…. Otherwise, don't waste your time on it.
  • I wouldn't recommend this film to people who ...
  • The… alone makes this film worth watching.
  • Do watch this film, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Revise: Editing

Finally, there is proofreading and revision. Look for passages in the text that you don't quite like. Come up with better phrases. For example:

  • … … = … predictable plot
  • … Actors… =… talented / amazing / fantasticactors
  • … … =… endless dialogues