Why did GRRM kill Renly

Who were the five kings?

I would like to offer a counter-argument to the existing answers. As mentioned earlier, the maesters like to argue about it Not "The war of five Kings "was because Renly was already dead when Balon made his claim.

However, let's give an out-of-universe hint ...

In the appendix to A Clash of Kings is the first section entitled "The Kings and Their Courts" is listed as follows:

  1. The king of the iron throne
  2. The king in the narrow sea
  3. The king in the high garden
  4. The king in the north
  5. The queen over the water

This would mean:

  1. Joffrey Baratheon
  2. Stannis Baratheon
  3. Renly Baratheon
  4. Robb Stark
  5. Daenrys Targaryen

So my answer is that this is the original Participants in the War of the Five Kings. Later you can swap Balon for Renly and have five active participants until the Red Wedding ...

Feel free to argue that one is one Queen is , You sexist pigs! GRRM found it worthy to specifically call Daenrys in the appendix ...


I wouldn't argue about that one queen can't be part of the War of the Five Kings, but I'd argue that Dany wasn't involved in the wars in Westeros at all.


@Telestia That's only possible if you think the War of the Five Kings is over ... scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/119639/… (Note that I am in my own question Not shared the same view as now ...


Great question and a fantastic answer in this link. I still don't think you can call them " original Participant in the War of the Five Kings "because she has not yet participated. As soon as she does, however, I will gladly add her to the list. For my part, I welcome our" new "dragon overlords.


Oh god, I've never seen myself as a sexist until now. Well done buddy!