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Travel report: Cruise East Coast USA & Canada with Mein Schiff 1

A trip to the hugely popular Indian Summer in Canada, combined with eventful days in New York - that is exactly what my travel group wanted. And best of all: we don't have to move, because our floating hotel AIDAbella takes us to the most beautiful cities along the east coast: New York, Boston, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Quebec and of course Montreal.

09/22/2013, 1st day: Arrival in New York

Today it should finally begin, our great adventure East USA and Indian Summer in Canada with AIDAbella. Punctually at noon, I meet most of my group at Dresden Airport. I already have our boarding passes with me, as we checked in all of our guests online the day before. After we have all checked in our luggage, we go to the airport restaurant "Chili" on the second floor of Dresden Airport for a small welcome snack. We learn a little with a selection of sandwiches and muffins together with a cold or hot drink know and look forward to the upcoming journey together. Then we go through the security check without any problems and we take off in the direction of Frankfurt. Here we land on time and change from Terminal A to Terminal C. What surprises us the most: we have to not once more through a security check - completely atypical for Frankfurt but we are really happy about it. At the departure gate to JFK airport we meet with the guests from Leipzig and Berlin, together and together we and the machine that take us into the country which brings unlimited possibilities. The flight is not too long. We are around 7.5 hours in the Air and this is made entertaining for us by the Lufthansa entertainment program. In the evening we finally reach New York. Since we are not allowed to land immediately, we hover a little over the metropolis and get a first overview of the size and the sea of ​​lights of the city. After we have successfully "survived" the American security check and received our luggage, our local tour guide Dieter greets us. Our bus chauffeur loads our luggage onto the bus and we go in the direction of Manhattan to our hotel, just around the corner Times Square. Once there, the porters take our luggage and we go to the "Daniela's" restaurant, only three doors down, to have our dinner here. It's a small Italian restaurant and we enjoy a tasty 3-course menu. Well fed we go back to the hotel, which has been a long day behind us and we are all looking forward to our bed so that we can start our New York adventure tomorrow well rested.

23.09.2013, 2nd day: All-day Eberhardt excursion in New York

Today we finally start our adventure "New York". After breakfast at "Daniela's" Dieter picks us up. We start our big city tour, an Eberhardt excursion, which is included in the tour price. First we drive towards the harbor and after a ten minute drive we see the AIDAbella, our home for the next few days. However, we don't get on the ship yet, instead we continue past the newly built Freedom Tower to the Battery Park. The park is still destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and unfortunately there is no construction in sight yet. Dieter gets the tickets. We are lucky that there is not so much going on here in the early morning. Although, if I think about it correctly, it's not as stressful in NY as I always imagined it to be from the pictures on TV. Also not incessant sirens or thousands of taxis. Whether there is still a second New York ;-). After Dieter holds our tickets in his hands, we go through two security checks and then we board the ship that takes us to Liberty Island. Since the weather is very nice, we all go to the open upper deck to enjoy the best view. And so it really is: with every meter we move away from the mainland, the view of the Manhattan skyline becomes more impressive. We can't stop taking photos. A unique feeling, simply indescribable. And the further we go, the closer we get to the Grand Dame, the Statue of Liberty at the gates of New York. After about twenty minutes of driving, we reach Liberty Island and go on a tour around the statue. Of course, a group photo shouldn't be missing here. Basically, you also have the opportunity to go up to the statue of liberty here. However, this is associated with long queues and so we decide against it, because we still want to see soooo much in the few hours that we spend in the most exciting metropolis in the world. Back in Battery Park, our bus driver picks us up again and we continue our city tour. We drive through the financial district and see a little bit of the Brooklyn Bridge from there. The tour continues through Lower Manhattan, we see the Freedomstower again, through the gigantic canyons to Chinatown, Little Italy (which is really little), through Soho to Greenwich Village. We spend our lunch break very close to the Chrysler Building, namely in Grand Central Station in New York. Only when we stand in the middle of the large station concourse do I realize where we actually are. So many films have already been shot here. Oh, it's just beautiful here. On the lower floor there are numerous opportunities to grab a bite to eat for lunch. Italians, Chinese, French, etc. offer numerous delicacies from their home countries. After we have eaten a slice of pizza, we are drawn back outside and we explore the vicinity of Grand Central Station. The blocks are already extremely long and so we can't stray too far from there, but there is enough time to take proper photos of the beautiful building and we also walk to the Chrysler Building. Back at the bus, we go to the next highlight of the day: we drive to the Empire State Building. We have already seen the gigantic building several times today, but finally we also drive up to be able to capture the whole size of New York. Here, too, we are extremely lucky. Despite some sudden closures, as Barack Obama is also in the city, we reach the Empire very quickly and there are hardly any people again. Where you normally find long queues, there is a yawning emptiness and so we can get through the security check very quickly. We still have to pass endless corridors before we reach the lift, but the view that awaits us at the top makes up for everything. New York is so big ... we can't even see the end. Instead, there are numerous sights such as the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, the Flatiron Building and the AIDA ;-). When we get back to the bus, we continue on 5th Avenue, past Macy's and across Broadway to Central Park, which is actually not on our program, but thanks to Dieter, we saw him at least a little. Past the house in front of which John Lennon was shot, we drive towards the Hudson River, because the day is unfortunately almost over and so we reach the AIDAbella around five o'clock. After saying goodbye to Dieter, we go to the check-in. We are warmly welcomed by the AIDAScouts and upon presentation of our travel documents, we also receive our boarding passes very quickly. Since the ship has been in port since yesterday, we can move into our cabins right away. The excursion counters are open, so we still book excursions that we could no longer book from home. Back in the cabin, our suitcases are already there. Since we are in the "city that never sleeps", of course we have to go out again after our dinner and so I walk again with some of my guests to Times Square. It is not far from our berth and so we marvel at the sea of ​​lights in advertising that greets us here. A live broadcast from the New York Opera leaves us amazed, because the streets were blocked especially for this purpose and chairs were set up in the middle of the square. We also visit the legendary Hard Rock Cafe and, at an advanced hour, walk past Madame Tussauds back to our ship, which is anchored well-lit in New York Harbor.

09/24/2013, 3rd day: In New York - cast off!

We spent the first night on the AIDAbella and look forward to the delicious and rich breakfast buffet after this. The excursions that we can go on today are booked through AIDA and the choice is huge. I am accompanying most of our group who have booked the "Wall Street and 9/11 Memorial" excursion. This half day excursion starts in the morning. Our local tour guide Thomas has been living here in this metropolis for twelve years and otherwise lectures at the local university. Together we walk with him a few meters along the Hudson River until we reach the boat dock for the "smaller" ships. After he has given us our tickets, we get on a motorboat that was booked exclusively for the AIDA guests. Together we will now drive along the Hudson River, past the gigantic Manhattan skyline, the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Otherwise we will reach Battery Park today and get off the ship. We continue walking along Broadway Avenue, which brings us directly into the financial district of New York. We reach Broad Street, where the world's most famous stock exchange is located. This is hidden behind a classic Roman facade from 1903. Billions are moved here, in a single day, mind you. The steps of the Federal Bank are an ideal place to watch the hustle and bustle of the financial district, which also houses the headquarters of the Chase Manhattan Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank. The present National Memorial was completed in 1842 in the classical Greek style. The forerunner, a former customs house, served as the United States' first capitol until 1789. After taking a look at Wall Street, we walk on to the place where, until a few years ago, the famous twin towers stood, which so intensely shaped the Manhattan skyline. Thomas tells us how the mood was here on September 11th, 2001 and we get goose bumps. It's a completely different feeling whether you know the pictures from television or whether you're standing right at the place where the whole tragedy took place. He also tells us which houses were destroyed, which are now here again, how the people who worked here experienced everything. Then we continue walking across Trinity Church to the 9/11 Memorial. Since our group is registered by the AIDA, we can queue up in the short queue and we are relatively quick in the area. The security controls here are extremely strict. When we reach the memorial area, Thomas explains the meaning of the fountains, the many names of the victims that are engraved here, etc. Then we have some time to take a look at the memorial before we meet again at the bus. With this we drive back to the AIDA and if you want, you can set off again individually from here. There is a lot to see. Other guests in my group have also booked other excursions, such as a city tour of New York. Others have explored the city individually, for example with a bike tour through Central Park or a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Back on the ship there is the legally required sea rescue exercise in the late afternoon, in which every crusader must take part. We do this successfully ;-). AIDAbella leaves New York Harbor at 6:00 p.m. sharp. Enya's song "Sail away" sounds and the facade of Manhattan passes us. It's just amazing. The time here was actually far too short and it is definitely recommended to come back to New York again.

25.09.2013, 4th day: A day at sea on AIDAbella

The sea route to Boston is pretty long, at least longer than it looks on the map. Therefore, today we enjoy a free day at sea on board the AIDAbella to rest a little from the strenuous last two days. But only something. Because at eleven o'clock we already have our meeting as a group. Eberhardt TRAVEL invites the tour group to a glass of sparkling wine and together we toast the beginning of a hopefully wonderful cruise. After the glasses have been emptied, we take a tour of the ship specially organized for our group so that we can get to know our floating hotel better for the next few days and we can quickly orientate ourselves on this huge ship. There is really everything here: restaurants, cinema, casino, vinotheque, photo corner, library, bars, sports area, hairdresser and the wellness area. I can't imagine that in the next week and a half we will be somehow bored.
And the afternoon is also packed with activities. We would like to go shopping on AIDAbella, today has the opportunity to buy cheap items from the Boss collection. We also visit the art auction, for example. It's amazing how much money some guests offer here for a picture they don't recognize (the so-called blind date) - in any case, everyone gets their money's worth here.
After dinner, our captain Mr. Wieprecht, better known as "Captain Out", introduces us to his senior officers. The day before the welcome event, they had a lot to do with the disembarkation from New York and therefore the performance will be rescheduled that evening.
And again it's a great celebration to listen to Captain Out doing it. With a lot of humor, irony and taste, he tells us the résumés of his employees and not one eye stays dry with laughter. It's a real shame the North American tour is his last.

September 26th, 2013, 5th day: Boston

In the morning we enter Boston Harbor. Since the American authorities need a little longer to clear the ship for shore leave, our excursion "Harvard and Skywalk" has been delayed a bit. But almost all of us sit on the bus together. Our local tour guide Jim, who only speaks English, is supported by the AIDA Scout Alexandra, who translates the excursion. First we drive from the harbor past the Trinity Church, built in 1877, and the Boston Public Library directly to the Prudential Tower. Since the lifts are unfortunately still closed for maintenance work, we use the break that now arises to get coffee or visit the restrooms. Then finally the elevator doors open for us and we drive to the top floor of the Prudential Tower - this is glazed all around and thus we get a first, very, very positive overview of the city. Supported by German speakers Audio guides we see the many small row houses, which are decorated with green, the AIDAbella in the harbor or similar but also the Salt and Pepper Bridge and the building of the local Philharmonic.
After we got back to the bus and all the guests got on the bus, we continue through Back Bay to Harvard. This is where the most famous university in the United States of America is located. Together with Alexandra and Jim we stroll across the campus and both tell us interesting things about the foundation, the memorial chapel and the library. Afterwards we have some free time and we use this to take photos of ourselves on campus. So we can at least claim to have been part of the elite students for a short time ;-). After our stay in Harvard we drive back through Camebridge, past the Prudential Tower, School Street, the oldest hotel in the city and the seat of government of the State of Massachusetts to the famous Quincy Market, the pulsating center of the North End. In the elongated market hall, the traders lure at numerous stalls and with souvenirs and international delicacies. The AIDA excursion ends here. If you don't want to take the bus back to the ship, you can plan your afternoon individually from here.
A young lady from my tour group doesn't want to go back to the ship so we decide to spend some more time at Quincy Market. After I bought a few small souvenirs in the Hard Rock Café, we head back to the market hall and nibble on the typical American cheesecake. Shortly behind the Quincy Market is the Old State House, which is reflected in the glass of the high-rise buildings behind it. For me it is the most beautiful sight here in Boston today. Via the well-known Freedom Trail, a long red line on the sidewalks that leads to all important points of the American independence movement, we then slowly go back to the ship and take a break in the sun in the "Boston Common" on the way. Then we walk along the streets and alleys of Boston and suddenly I stand in front of the Boston Opera, which is very small and inconspicuous on the sidewalk between two apartment blocks.Finally through Chinatown we get back to the South Railway Station and from here we walk to the Boston Tea Party Museum, not far from the harbor. Back on the AIDAbella, we are unanimously of the opinion that Boston is a really beautiful (small) city (after all, it only has around 650,000 inhabitants) and we are really surprised. When leaving the harbor we say "goodbye" - Boston is a city that you really have to come back to!

09/27/2013, Day 6: Bar Harbor

The next day the next morning. We reach our last stop in the USA shortly before 8:00 a.m.: Bar Harbor. Once a small fishing port, American high society discovered Bar Harbor at the end of the 19th century and the city developed into a rich holiday hotspot. During this time, numerous luxurious summer houses were built and the first hotel was built in 1855. Unfortunately, most of the summer houses were destroyed in a dying fire in 1947. Most tourists are drawn here for lobster and Acadia National Park. So do we, because we booked the “Acadia National Park” excursion with lobster food. After we have tendered ashore with the lifeboats of the AIDA, we go to the small bus parking lot and greet our tour guide, who will accompany us through the national park. New England's only national park is one of the most popular in America. The park contains all of the beauty of the North American coast. During our tour we marvel at the rounded mountain ridges, rugged rocky coasts as well as mountains and glacial lakes that combine to form a unique landscape. At the end of our tour in the park we reach the local mountain "Cadillac", from where we have a beautiful panoramic view of the New England coast and AIDAbella. After our tour we reach the former clubhouse of the city, where many parties used to take place We are invited to a lobster dinner. Well prepared with aprons we stand in the long queue and receive a lobster, corn, mussels and potatoes. All around us there are employees who want and can help us to take apart the aquatic animals. Some of us try lobster for the first time. - The sea creatures don't get a lot of meat - fortunately for me personally. It is probably not my meal, but you should have tried a lobster, especially here where it is served freshly on the plate .
Our half-day excursion also ends here in the clubhouse. Our ship is not far, approx. 200 meters, in front of the harbor building, so we can also use the time to stroll down Main Street to buy some souvenirs, postcards or regional delicacies such as jam. Since the sun is shining again today, we decide after the stroll not to return to the ship but to let nature work its magic in the port area with a coffee "Togo". A short walk along the coast rounds off this beautiful afternoon here in Bar Harbor.

09/28/2013, 7th day: Halifax

In the morning we reach Halifax, our first stop in Canada. From the upper deck we watch the approach into the port of the capital of Nova Scotia. Halifax is the province's economic and cultural center and is closer to Europe than any other city in North America south of Newfoundland. Even our local tour guide Marian tells us that she flies to her son in Vancouver as long as she flies to her family in Switzerland. Today we take part in the AIDA excursion "The Highlights of Halifax and Peggy's Cove". After we have all sat on the bus and greeted Marian, we drive to the citadel on Halifax's local mountain. Construction of the Citadell Hills began in 1749. The fort was supposed to protect against attacks by the indigenous people but also against other intruders. The centerpiece of the complex is the star-shaped Halifax Citadel, which was built in Victorian style in 1852. From Citadel Hill we enjoy a wonderful view of the city, the harbor and the clock of Halifax. Edward Duke of Kent, who ruled Halifax, left it as a parting gift to the Haligonians. Then we visit "Public Gardens", a large, public park that is beautifully planted. Since we still have very nice weather, the splendor of colors of the diversity of plants is omnipresent here. Our walk through the park together impressed us in any case, how fine and detailed everything is laid out here. Even fountains from the Victorian era have been set up here and still work smoothly. We also spend our lunch break around here. We have around an hour, in front of the Public Gardens there are numerous opportunities to buy a small snack to strengthen yourself.
Our next goal on the day's program today is to visit the local cemetery. Why actually? Because a large number of the victims of the Titanic sinking in 1912 are buried here. There are history boards everywhere and so Marian tells us how it actually came about that the victims are buried here. The grave blocks are placed together on one area. And you can already tell who had some money and who didn't. The gravestones are all decorated differently - the simple ones just with names, others with lovely memorials from the family.
After leaving the sad piece of history behind us, we leave the city of Halifax and drive out into the untouched nature of Nova Scotia. A little later we reach a maple syrup factory via the motorway and the boss himself tells us how his employees make maple syrup and how it is processed. He himself also supplies numerous customers in Europe. After the short tour, we have the opportunity to buy numerous products made from maple syrup in the in-house shop, which many of the participants also do.
We continue towards Peggy's Cove. Past small villages and numerous small, untouched lakes, we reach the small fishing village in the late afternoon. It's much nicer than I imagined from the stories.

29./30.09.2013, 8./09 day: day at sea

We spend the next two days at sea again, where we are offered an entertaining entertainment program. Movies are shown in the theatrium, you can learn how to mix cocktails properly or you can just use the time to sit outside, read a book or watch whales. A highlight on the sea days is the compulsory nautical question time, which is held with the captain during every cruise. Again with a lot of wit, quick-wittedness and wit, Captain Out answers all meaningful and nonsensical questions. Afterwards he is available for a group photo on the sun deck, only for our Eberhardt group, and what can I say, the result is impressive, right?

October 1st, 2013, day 10: Eberhardt excursion in Quebec

Today we anchor in Quebec, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in America. Today's excursion in Quebec is again organized by Eberhardt TRAVEL and is already included in the tour price. Our English-speaking guide Robert welcomes us punctually at the port terminal. I translate the excursion. Our first destination today is the Montmorency waterfalls, around 15 kilometers from Quebec. We reach the reception building and go to the waterfalls with Robert. Here he tells us all sorts of interesting things about the sporting activities at the waterfall, the former summer residence at the waterfalls and of course during winter. After the short tour we have the opportunity to take the cable car up to the top of the waterfalls. All other guests go upstairs in the bus with Robert. Up here we then take a walk together to the bridge that leads over the waterfalls. The Indian Summer welcomes us a little here. The herstliche mood presses our minds wonderfully and we enjoy a wonderful day with lots of sun. Then we drive back to Quebec City, the city that is divided into Lower and Upper Town. The city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985. Our first destination is to visit the city's parliament building. The Victorian-style house stands impressively in front of us. Robert explains the facade and the individual representatives that stand here. An Inukchuk standing in the side garden of the small park conveys the tradition of the Canadians to us. Then we continue to the Plains of Abraham, the battlefield on which the fate of the French colonies took place - in the usual way of course. However, since all battles have been fought, the extensive meadows now serve as a national memorial and recreation area. From here we also have a good view of the St. Lawrence River, the third largest river on the North American continent. Past the city wall and on a city tour, we drive along the main road towards Chateau Frontenac. Today a 5-star hotel is housed in the house, in which part of history was once written. We also spend our lunch break here. Numerous restaurants line our way here and offer numerous opportunities for lunch. Then our tour of the city begins, which begins on the Terrasse Dufferin. From here we have a first look at the AIDAbella. From the upper town we walk down to the lower town and we reach the founding place of Quebec, the Seminaire de Quebec. It was founded in 1663 by Bishop Francois de Montmorency-Laval and is the forerunner of the Laval University, which can now be found in Sainte-Foy. Then we walk on to Rue de Petit Champlain, where an oversized mural attracts our attention. Not only are the four seasons depicted on it, but also numerous personalities from the city, including Samuel de Champlain. The tour continues to a boulevard with the bust of King Louis XIV. Over the alleys we finally reach the so-called "breakneck staircase" and still stroll over the Rue de Champlain, which is lined with numerous small boutiques. 'From here we can get back to the bus that takes us back to the AIDAbella. The ship can be reached on foot in about 5 minutes, so that every guest who still wants to stay individually in the city can find the way to the ship on their own. Arrived at the port terminal, we say goodbye to Robert and our bus driver and go back to the ship.
A little later I walk back into town with some guests, where we take a seat in one of the numerous cafes and pubs and spend a nice afternoon.
In the evening "Captain Out" has a little surprise for us, because we don't start at 6:30 p.m. as planned, but only 8:00 p.m. So first of all we take part in the officer's hook and try some cocktails that, surprisingly, are mixed here. When dusk falls and especially the Chateau Frontenac, THE symbol of the city, is illuminated, it's time to let go of the lines and we let the beautiful city go by - the last departure on our journey is an overwhelming event. Since we are already in Montreal tomorrow, the Farewell event will take place this evening. The club director and the entertainment manager welcome us to the evening event for the last time and the team around AIDAbella also say goodbye to us. Then the AIDAShow ensemble will perform for us one last time and we will end the evening comfortably in the Anytime bar

October 2nd, 2013, day 11: Montreal

In the morning we arrive in Montreal, our last port on this voyage. Since our excursion "Highlights of Montreal" only starts in the afternoon, the morning is free for us to tailor it to our needs. The AIDAbella is very close to the city center, so it can be reached within ten minutes on foot. In the afternoon half past one we meet with our local, English-speaking tour guide. The AIDA lecturer accompanies our group and also translates. With this advantage of the reader, we learn even more things worth knowing than what the local tour guide tells us. Passing the founding site of Montreal and the Queen Victoria statue, after a few minutes bus ride we reach the famous cathedral "Notre-Dame-Basilica" from the year 1829. From the outside it is still very simple but inside it surprises with its imposing, inside Lights bathed in the altar. Our tour guide tells us a lot about the history of the cathedral and then leads us to the wedding church, which is "hidden" behind the altar. A huge statue of Samuel de Champlain is erected in front of the cathedral gates and behind it is the Bank of Montreal. However, we do not have time for individual visits. We walk back to the bus and drive past Chinatown and through the financial district to the pilgrim church of St. Joseph's Oratrium. Since we cannot park here, we at least stop for a short photo stop. We continue up towards Mont Royal, the local mountain. We take a short walk in the local garden and then drive to the top of Mont Royals. From here we enjoy a wide view of Montreal lying ahead of us. The view is so good that we can even see the Olympic Park. Back in town, our local tour guide takes us on a short tour through the so-called new town. At the local town hall we stop again for a photo stop. In the afternoon we are back on AIDAbella. If you want, you can go back to town individually or you can use the time to pack your suitcases for your departure the next day. The evening is also free for individual design. Since AIDAbella stays in the harbor, there is of course the possibility of going back into town in the evening to end the evening in one of the local bars. However, I meet up with some of my guests on the sundeck. We laugh together and look back over the past few days.

03/04/10/2013, 12/13 Day: Olympic Park in Montreal / journey home

Today ours is unfortunately our last day and we say goodbye to the AIDA and the North American continent. Since our flight to Switzerland does not start until later this afternoon, we still have enough time in the morning. For us, that means sleeping longer. We have to leave our cabins by nine and then we go to have breakfast on the AIDA one last time and help ourselves from the rich buffet. At eleven o'clock we meet at reception and disembark together. Our boarding passes are read one last time. We can then take these home as a very personal souvenir. After we have identified and picked up our suitcases, our local, German-speaking tour guide awaits us and accompanies us to the bus. Rosi is her name. After all suitcases are stowed in the bus, we leave the port area and do a tiny round tour through Montreal, our destination is the Olympic Park. Eberhardt TRAVEL also organized this excursion so that the time until departure is not too long. After about half an hour's drive, we will then also reach the Olympic site. The leaning tower of the Olympic Park is a highlight and so more than half of my group decided to go up the tower with me and catch a last glimpse of the city of Montreal. The view from up here is really unique and you get an impression of how big the city really is. After we have thoroughly enjoyed the view, we go back down and go back to the bus. Now it's time for Rosi to take us to the airport. Depending on the traffic, this will take between half an hour and an hour and a half. We're lucky today and there isn't that much traffic. Therefore we reach the airport quite quickly. Rosi accompanies us to the check-in counter and then we say goodbye to her. Together we check in, check in our suitcases and walk through the security check. With SWISS we fly back to Berlin via Zurich via Bern. We reach the federal capital on time. Our transfer chauffeurs are all ready and will now drive us home. A wonderful journey comes to an end.

I would like to thank my dear travel group from the bottom of my heart. It was a great pleasure for me to travel to the USA and Canada with you. I hope and wish that I will see one or the other face again on one of my next trips. Until then, I wish you all the best and above all, stay healthy!
Your Sylvia

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