Holistic doctors can diagnose cancer

This means that chemotherapy and radiation therapies can destroy cancer cells in some cases, but at the same time they can put the body in such an unstable state that - should it survive the therapy - it will no longer be able to treat newly developing cancer cells in this way as he regularly did before therapy.

The presence of cancer cells in the body can therefore also be a temporary - completely natural - state that changes again within a few days or months, simply because the body naturally strives for its original healthy state.

The success statistics of conventional medicine

However, anyone who survives chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is then referred to as (relatively) cancer-free in conventional medicine is automatically included in the cancer statistics as a successfully treated patient. In doing so, he might never have found out about his cancer - without a preventive or early diagnosis examination - simply because he would never have gotten sick.

Overdiagnosis thus help conventional medicine - completely undeservedly - to achieve terrific success statistics. Statistics that unfortunately say nothing at all about the unnecessary physical and mental torment of those patients who, due to an overdiagnosis, had to endure completely superfluous but painful therapies, terrible worries and fears of death.

60 percent of prostate cancer cases are overdiagnosed

Dr. Welch and Dr. Black analyzed the data from large-scale randomized screening trials in order to be able to estimate the extent to which overdiagnosis was the order of the day. They found that about 25 percent of all breast cancer cases detected in mammograms and about 60 percent of prostate cases detected by prostate-specific antigen tests could represent overdiagnosis.

Lung cancer, which is diagnosed after x-ray or sputum examinations (sputum = saliva, sputum) - according to the scientists - does not always have to be lung cancer in need of therapy. Welch and Black estimate that half (!) Of the "lung cancers" diagnosed in this way are actually cases of overdiagnosis.

It could be similar with colon cancer, which was discovered by means of computed tomography. Often times, only tiny abnormalities in the bowel led to further testing, which led to possible overdiagnosis of colon cancer. The researchers also suspect frequent overdiagnosis in thyroid cancer, skin cancer and kidney cancer if these were "discovered" with the help of computed tomography.

Avoid overdiagnosis

Avoiding overdiagnosis in the future is anything but easy. The previous generally valid point of view (the sooner something is found and treated, the better) would have to be re-examined in each individual case and the further course of action decided individually for each individual patient.

The scientists also demand that potential patients should be informed in detail about the risks (and not just about the supposed benefits) of cancer screening examinations. In the case of imaging examination methods, those limits should also be raised that would have previously led to positive results and then to treatment.

For example, lung CT scans sometimes reveal so many small nodules in the lungs that it is now common practice for some doctors to treat these many small abnormalities for what they are: Small abnormalities that - in most cases - will not result in symptoms, therefore can be ignored and consequently not rushed to with the usual "Aaaaah-it-looks-like-cancer-and-we-have-to-treat-immediately-aggressively" got to.

We recommend that you always get a second or third opinion.


(1) Screening method: time-saving and inexpensive (pre-) tests (so-called early detection methods) with imaging methods to record a previously symptom-free stage of the disease.


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