How could Roose Bolton not see this coming

Ramsay Bolton

Ah, Sansa, hello Sansa ... will I be accommodated here now? No. Our time together is probably coming to an end. That's fine. You can’t kill me anymore. I am part of you now.

Ramsay Bolton

Cause of death:

Execution by Sansa fed to own dogs
Ramsay Bolton (formerly snow) is a main character in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of game of Thrones. Previously, he was a recurring season three character. He is played by Iwan Rheon and makes his debut in the episode "Dark Wings, Dark Words".

Ramsay is the bastard of Lord Roose Bolton, Lord of Grauenstein. As Bolton's only living son, who fathered him when a miller's wife was raped, he is later legitimized by him as an heir. He is sly, very cruel and sadistic in a sociopathic way. Despite a certain intelligence, to the chagrin of his father, he only takes a few things seriously and prefers to pursue his own interests.

In the series


Ramsay Bolton, also known as "Bolton's Bastard", is Lord Roose Bolton's son and only child alive after his legitimate son - Domeric Bolton - died. Ramsay's influence on the death of his half-brother cannot be completely ruled out.[Document is missing] While his father moved south to the War of the Five Kings, Ramsay stayed as castellan at Grauenstein Castle.

season 2

On behalf of King Robb Stark, Ramsay besieges Winterfell to recapture it from the Ironmen.[1] By blowing a horn all night long, Ramsay drives the occupying leader, Theon Greyjoy, insane. The following morning Theon rallies his soldiers to defend the castle when he is betrayed by his men, especially Dagmer Cleftkinn, by knocking him unconscious and handing him over to Ramsay.[2]

season 3

Theon is now in the power of Ramsay, who also torments him with pleasure. At the beginning he pretends to be sent by Asha Greyjoy to gain Theon's trust. He contacts Theon and helps him escape. When Theon's captors catch him, Ramsay shoots her and saves Theon. While both continue to "flee", he subtly interrogates Theon and learns that Bran and Rickon Stark are still alive. Only when he has led Theon back to the dungeon does he reveal himself to be the real torturer. With psychological and physical torture he gradually breaks Theon's mind until he finally amputates his genitals, which Ramsay sends to Theon's father and sister in Peik.

Season 4

Theon is completely broken. Ramsay has taken all "humanity" away from him and calls him stinker. Together with his lover Myranda, Ramsay chases another girl to death with his dogs, because "she made Myranda jealous with her beauty". Ramsay demonstrates to his father, Lord Roose Bolton, how submissive "stinker" has become by letting him shave him. Stinker doesn't even think about killing Ramsay with the razor blade. He also tells him that Bran and Rickon are not dead, at which point Lord Bolton lets the search for them begin. Roose Bolton assigns Ramsay to retake Maidengraben, which is still held by the Iron Men. Should he manage this, Roose Bolten wants to recognize his bastard as his son, which allows him to wear the Bolton name and banner.[3]

One night Theon's sister Asha Graufreud tries to invade Grauenstein to save her brother. Ramsay kills a majority of her men and she has to flee, while Theon refuses to go with her. Then Ramsay uses Theon to conquer Maidengraben.[4]

Theon is sent to Maidengraben Fortress himself to convey the terms of surrender. The iron men can hardly withstand because of illness and hunger, but their commanding officer does not want to give up. The iron men kill their commanders from behind, accept the offer and suffer the same fate as the 20 iron men in Winterfell - death by molting. For the conquest of Maidengraben, Ramsay is officially recognized by Lord Bolton as his son and is henceforth allowed to use his name and banner. Together they ride towards Winterfell.[5]

Season 5

Ramsay acts with cruel severity against the last strong loyalists. When Lord Cerwyn refuses to pay taxes to the Boltons, Ramsay skins him, as well as his wife and brother, and forces the new young Lord Cerwyn to watch - he pays the taxes. But for this he is sharply criticized by his father Roose Bolton. He draws his attention to the fact that they do not have enough men to hold the North against open rebellion. As the now legal son of Roose Bolton, he is supposed to marry appropriately in order to enter into new alliances after the death of Tywin Lannister.

A few days later, Petyr Baelish surprisingly appears on Winterfell with Sansa Stark. Baelish negotiated Sansa and Ramsay's marriage with Roose Bolton. In this way, Roose, the Guardian of the North, and Baelish, the Lord Protector of the Green Valley, ally themselves. Baelish seems to be aware of Ramsay's inclinations and urges him and his father not to treat Sansa appropriately.[6] At first, Ramsay is friendly towards Sansa, but this changes quickly as soon as they are unobserved.

Despite his engagement to Sansa, Ramsay keeps Myranda as a bed companion. He is confronted with her jealousy, having promised her marriage when he was still Ramsay Schnee. However, Ramsay finds her jealousy boring and reminds her of what he usually does with people when he is bored.

One evening Stinker came to him and told him that Sansa had seen him but couldn't help it. Ramsay apparently forgives him, but already has an idea how to torment Sansa and Theon alike. At dinner with Sansa, his father and his wife, Ramsay suggests Stinker as the bride's groom, since after the alleged death of all the other Starks he is practically the closest relative. While he is visibly enjoying Sansa's and Theon's discomfort, his father, Roose, has a surprise in store: his wife, Walda, is pregnant. When Ramsay is alone with his father at night, he wants to find out whether his stepmother is really pregnant, as it is impossible to infer it from the outside given her large body size. But Roose explains that the maester is convinced and quite confident that it will be a boy. If this is really the case, he sees his position threatened, which Sansa did not miss either. But Roose explains to him that nothing will change in Ramsay's status as the legal eldest son. At the same time, he is sworn by his father to fight against Stannis, who keeps advancing on Winterfell. Roose is unwilling to lose the north again.[7]

Meanwhile, one evening the wedding ceremony is carried out according to the old Nordic rite. Ramsay marries Sansa and lets Theon watch. In addition, he abuses Sansa, but spares her face so that it goes unnoticed. Because of this, Sansa tries to find an escape route, which Theon tells Ramsay. He then skinned one of Sansa's confidants.[8]

Ramsay leaves Winterfell to raid Stanni's camp with some soldiers and destroy the supplies. He succeeds in this endeavor and he returns unscathed.[9]

When Stannis nevertheless marches on Winterfell, he is already expected by the Boltons and their followers. Ramsay fights in battle without mercy and is ultimately victorious.[10]

Season 6

Ramsay sends his best warriors in search of Sansa and Theon. Meanwhile, he mourns Myranda and gives the order to throw her corpse to the dogs to eat. His father warns him of the coming war against the House of Lannister and that the north must hold together. However, this could only happen if Sansa Ramsay gave birth to a son.[11]

When Roose Bolton learns that Walda has given him a legitimate son, Ramsay initially seems pleased with his father. He hugs him and congratulates him. When Roose assures him that Ramsay will always be his "first" son, Ramsay smiles and asserts that this means a lot to him.

Shortly afterwards he pulls out a dagger and rams it into his father's chest, whereupon the latter dies shortly afterwards as a result of this assassination attempt. Thus Ramsay is the new Lord Bolton. In order to get rid of Walda and his child, he lures them to his dogs in the kennel and lets them both eat.

Opposite the other houses Ramsay sends the message that Roose Bolton has been poisoned by his enemies, but nobody believes him.[12]

Later he allies himself with Kleinjon Umber, who supplies him with Rickon Stark and Osha, and Harald Karstark to destroy the wildlings that Jon Schnee had let through the wall. He also murders Osha when she tries to kill him because he found out from Theon / Stinker who helped Rickon and Bran escape.[13]

He also sends a letter to the Black Fortress threatening Rickon, Sansa and Jon with a lot of atrocities and thereby convincing Jon Snow to field him against him as well.[14]

Finally, before Winterfell, there is a decisive battle for rule in the north. To provoke Jon, he takes the captured Rickon tied to a rope on the battlefield and orders him to run to his brother as fast as he can. Shortly before Rickon can reach Jon riding towards him, he is fatally hit by Ramsay's arrow. Jon then orders his army to attack and rushes into battle on the front lines while Ramsay holds back. Due to the majority of his army, Ramsay already believes himself to be a sure winner before the tide turns with the arrival of the army from the green valley under the leadership of Littlefinger. Ramsay retreats into the castle and awaits the siege attack from Jon's army. The giant Wun Wun breaks through the gate for Jon and some of his soldiers, but shortly afterwards falls through a hail of arrows; Ramsay fired the last shot, which pierced the giant's right eye. He finally challenges Jon to a duel and shoots him with arrows, but Jon protects himself with a shield and knocks Ramsay to the ground with it. Then Jon punches Ramsay with fists until he bleeds profusely and loses consciousness.

But instead of killing him, Jon realizes that Sansa deserves more to end Ramsay's life and has him locked to a chair in the Winterfell dog kennel. There Ramsay met his fate: After a brief conversation with Sansa, he was mauled by his own dogs, which he had starved for seven days especially for the battle. [15]


In order to hide his true identity, Iwan Rheon's character was initially only referred to as "boy" in the credits. Only in the episode "Mhysa" does the viewer find out his real name. This part of the series differs in parts strongly from the novel, in which Ramsay is already dead at the time of his appearance in Winterfell and pretends to be his friend Stinker to Theon. Ramsay takes on the role that Dagmer takes on in the series.


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