How bad is your inner voice

The evil voice in my head

Hello everybody

I once have a question that I didn't want to ask because it seems so ridiculous to me, but I'm getting over it now!

It's about the following: I have a kind of "mean voice" in me. I always say "the freind" myself. That voice isn't on my side at all and has been trying to talk me into things for years.

She says for example:

-You are too fat!
-That does not look good on you!
-Eat less!
-Stop smoking, it'll make you sick!
-You don't really love your boyfriend!
-You have feelings for another!
-You like perverted things!

A small excerpt!

There are days when I do not manage to hear / perceive this voice at all. But there are also days (thankfully few at the moment) when I have real discussions with her. I then really catch myself making arguments (in my mind) why I am happy with my boyfriend or that I am 10kg too much, but still pretty.

Do you have any idea where that comes from? Sometimes I'm scared I'm schizophrenic.

Now while writing it down I noticed that many of these "mean things" were said to me at times. At least I remember these insults from my school days. But that doesn't apply to everything!

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