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Buying ink cartridges - this is important to know

With us in the printer cartridge discount you will find a large selection of toners and ink cartridges. For example, we offer you consumables from well-known brands such as: Brother, HP, Epson, Canon Samsung, Kyocera, Lexmark and many more. But what do you have to consider? Here you will find enough information on what to consider before buying replacement cartridges.

What are ink cartridges?

Ink cartridges are nothing more than a container filled with ink, which is used in inkjet printers and supplies the required ink for printing. Well-known printers would be for example: HP Deksjet 3630, Canon Pixma, Brother MFCJ480DW, Epson Workforce printer series. The construction of such a printer cartridge is very different depending on the manufacturer. The cartridges can then usually only be used on the printer specifically designed for this purpose or can be taken from a corresponding compatibility list.

Printer cartridges with and without a print head

Depending on the manufacturer, there are original ink cartridges with and without a print head on the market. In the case of cartridges without a printhead, only the empty container in the printer is changed. With this method, only the required printer ink is reloaded. In the case of cartridges with a print head, on the other hand, the entire ink cartridge including the print head electronics is changed.

The generation of intelligent ink cartridges

Market-leading manufacturers such as HP or Canon are now equipping their ink cartridges with an electronic chip. The chip is used initially for the recognition of the original ink cartridge in the printer. In addition, this chip signals the device with a message that the almost empty cartridge must be replaced as soon as possible. This has the advantage for the user that he can react in good time in order not to lose a lot of time during a printing process. Accordingly, the replacement cartridge is usually already available for a quick exchange, so that work can be continued as soon as possible. And according to the motto: "time is money"This scenario can generate costs. The new generation of printers always informs you about the current fill level. A very helpful technique.

What is there to know when looking to buy alternative ink cartridges?

Alternative ink cartridges are manufactured by third-party suppliers and are compatible with the printers, are always in the low-budget segment (inexpensive ink cartridges) and are therefore not equipped with electronic chips in terms of cost savings. The focus here is clearly on minimizing costs during manufacture. Because a compatible cartridge is offered far cheaper than an original, but due to the use of inferior manufacturing material, it can cause one or the other problem with your printer. In principle, a compatible ink cartridge or compatible toner does not have to be bad. If you are looking for your printer Ink cartridges Buy and want to use compatible cartridges, however, you should always be aware in advance that there may be compromises in terms of print quality and performance.

Discard full ink cartridges and toner

You can easily dispose of these consumables through our partner ( And best of all, you still get real money for your old material. In addition, your consumables do not just end up in the trash and are disposed of properly or recycled for resale. Just have a look here. Not only is this good for your wallet, it also helps protect the environment.

The following two points are required for your sale:

  • The consumables must be original
  • The consumables must be unused

Discard empty ink cartridges

Whether in the company or at home, you often have your printer in operation, so you quickly have a few empty ones Printer cartridges at hand. But where do you put it? Can you just dispose of them with your household waste? Please do not. We recommend that you dispose of the empty cartridges properly, because on the one hand it is environmentally friendly and you may get some money back for the disposal. There are many companies that can help you with your empty ink cartridges as well toner would buy off.

Cheap ink cartridges and toners at Discount Supplies

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Do you have further questions about ink cartridges?

Then contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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