Why did you stop trusting your mother

No trust from your own mother

I've had a problem for a long time: my parents don't trust me. I have very good grades and am generally a responsible person. Also, I'm 17 and I'll be 18 this week.

My parents plan to take the whole family on an outing this week that I don't feel like going on. I also told them I won't go with them. The problem now is that my mother is afraid that something might happen to me and that I should therefore stay with my grandma until my family is back. However, I find that completely nonsensical because I can take care of myself. However, I don't know what to say to convince them.

Another point is that they don't let me do anything alone. For example, I need new bus tickets and have asked my mother for money so that I can buy some. Instead, she yelled at me and said she would do it. I just don't understand why my parents trust me so little. You think far too negatively and always only see the bad in the behavior of myself or others. Another thing I could add would be that this year I was planning to move out to study medicine (I said that in another question). However, my mother is afraid that I won't be able to do it and tells me straight to my face that she knows that I can't do it alone. She doesn't trust my friends I might want to move out with either. I just do not know how to go on. The problem is, I don't have the financial means to move out. Do you have any tips?

Thanks for reading the question this far!