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Where is barbecuing allowed?

The state capital of Munich has designated areas on the Isar, lakes and parks where barbecues are allowed. The exact location of all grill zones can be found here, overview of the grill zones

Which fuels can I use?

Charcoal and gas in combination with commercially available grills are allowed. This avoids burns and the development of smoke remains low.

What else should you watch out for when using commercially available grills?

Commercially available grills with a "leg length" of less than 30 cm or without any "legs" may only be used on areas free of vegetation (e.g. gravel bank) within the grill area.

Why are ground fires in any form (including charcoal) forbidden?

There are a number of reasons against ground fires and wood fires - usually campfires: Especially in summer, when the grass and trees are dry, fires can easily get out of control and endanger people. Ground fires leave large burns and ashes - this destroys the vegetation. Likewise, the burning of trees and bushes from the area. If the wood is fresh and damp or if waste is burned, harmful smoke gases will develop. The smoke development is very strong with charcoal grills - especially in the high season when many people grill. In a hospital near the Isar floodplain, operations had to be canceled because the ventilation systems were overloaded with the smoke from the grill.

Where do I park my car?

There is parking at all parks and the recreation areas by the lakes. These are quickly parked up in summer. We therefore recommend cycling or public transport. Especially on the Isar, the quieter barbecue areas are easier to reach by bike. By the way: Driving or parking vehicles outside of the parking spaces is not permitted in the green spaces - this also applies to deliveries. Pedestrians and cyclists, especially children, should be able to move safely through cars here. The entrances must remain free for service and rescue vehicles.

Which rules still apply?

There must be a distance of at least ten meters to trees and bushes and to dried out grassy areas. Avoid flying sparks - in summer the vegetation is dry and easily combustible. Therefore: Please extinguish the embers completely immediately after grilling and in strong winds. It goes without saying that residents and other park visitors should also be considerate when it comes to noise. In order not to spoil the excursion for other barbecue friends, the following principle applies: Take rubbish back with you or throw rubbish and cooled grill residues into the waste bins provided. The employees of the construction department or external companies commissioned by us clean the parks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and sometimes also on weekends. Disposing of the barbecue garbage during the spring and summer months costs a lot of money. Last year the weekly cleaning of the Westpark cost 5,000 euros!

In which sections of the Isar floodplains am I allowed to grill?

Grilling is permitted on the gravel banks south of the Brudermühlbrücke (Mittlerer Ring Süd). The grill zone begins around 100 meters south of the Brudermühlbrücke and extends to the southern city limits around 500 meters before the Großhesseloher Brücke. To the north of the Oberföhringer weir near St. Emmeram there are more barbecue areas.
The exact location of the grill zones on the Isar can be found under the overview of grill zones.

In which sections of the Isar is barbecuing prohibited?

Barbecuing is not allowed in the entire inner-city area from the Brudermühlbrücke to the Oberföhringer weir in the north. This also includes all areas around the Braunau Railway Bridge, the Wittelsbach Bridge, the Reichenbach Bridge, the Museum Island and the Prater Island. Anyone who does not adhere to the guidelines must expect a fine.

Why are these areas taboo?

The reason for the barbeque ban in the areas close to the city center is the proximity to the houses and the associated disturbance of the residents. Most visitors only experience a barbecue evening on the Isar a few times a year - the residents, on the other hand, have to endure smoke, noise and barbecue fumes every weekend and sometimes during the week when the weather is nice. Rising smoke near the bridges can obstruct the view - for this reason and to avoid serious damage to property in the event of a fire, barbecuing is generally prohibited there. In recent years, the Isar has been redesigned from the south to be more natural - the recreational value has increased. Nevertheless, nature should be able to recover and develop in the big city. Because of this, grilling is limited to certain areas.

Why am I only allowed to grill on the gravel banks on the Isar, not in the meadows?

The Isar floodplains are protected landscape areas. After the natural remodeling, the meadows should be able to develop as well as possible. This is only possible if they are not burdened - this includes grilling. Some of the meadows are also there for playing.
Playing soccer or flying kites is no fun if you stumble over burns, rubbish or broken glass.

Why are celebrations and events not tolerated on the Isar?

Loud music, hundreds of people partying - several unauthorized festivals in the Isar floodplains have taken place on the Isar in recent years. Residents were disturbed, the area polluted with leftover rubbish - high cleaning costs were the result. In the Isar floodplains it is generally forbidden to celebrate festivals - the landscape protection area is there for natural recreation and offers a habitat for flora and fauna. Otherwise, all events and celebrations require approval. There is more information on this at the event office in the district administration department.

In which leisure areas (lakes) is barbecuing allowed?

Several barbecue areas are signposted at Langwieder See. There are larger grill areas on the west bank of the Feldmochinger See and on the west bank of the Fasaneriesee. They are also marked there.
A small grill area has also been set up at Lerchenauer See.

In which parks are there barbecue areas?

Playing, lingering, space for encounters - that is what our Munich parks and green spaces offer. Grilling is also part of it, but it is not allowed everywhere - steaks may only be sizzled in the specially designated barbecue areas. There are places for barbecue fans in the West Park (east / west part), in the Hirschgarten and in the East Park. They are marked with a grill sign.

Why are there only a few barbecue areas in the parks?

With the happy barbecue picnics, there are also barbecue smoke and noise. For the residents in the vicinity of the park facilities, it is no pleasure to have to sniff grill and other scents. And to close your balcony door when the weather is nice. That is why the barbecue areas are set up where the neighbors are as far away as possible. Or where hills, bushes and trees offer a certain protection. This only works in large parks and on comparatively small areas.

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