When link building is not important

Either way, you should read Google's guidelines well. Unfortunately, it is often the same as with laws in the real world: Some short laws have very long comments from which reality can then be deduced. So the Google page is just the beginning - unfortunately, a lot is also a matter of interpretation and experience.

And you just have to read these “Link Commandments” correctly. At Google z. B .:
"Here are some examples of unnatural links that violate our guidelines: Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other websites"

Now you should not infer from this that you are no longer allowed to send press releases. The point is rather not to include optimized anchor texts in such press releases.

Exactly such links with optimized anchor texts - like the one in Figure 2 - were an important component of the Penguin update. In the past, links were often built that consisted of search terms because Google was prone to such links. Such links look very unnatural because they would not be created organically. On the other hand, it would be typical to link a word like “here” or “www.website.de”. And that's exactly what you should keep in mind as an important criterion when building links: The link should look organic. So it should look so that even an experienced online marketer would not assess this link as a built-up link.

Another important criterion is the quality, authority and the thematic proximity of a website. So a link from an industry association is far more important than a third rate link from any blog. A website that is barely visible in search results is therefore usually hardly relevant.