How do you find clairvoyance

5 tips from a clairvoyant to improve your psychic mentality

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
Are you ready? No, not for Halloween, that will take time. Sweets don't matter here and now (at least not officially), but stick with us anyway. Melanie Barnum is a certified hypnotist, intuitive consultant, medium, author, hypno coach and, above all, our source for the question of how everyone can increase their intuitive perception and psychic abilities. Has it never occurred to you to train your psychic abilities? Believe it or not, you already have these abilities in you, namely your so-called gut feeling. Regardless of whether we are thinking about our careers or our relationships, the keyword is intuition. You just have to learn to listen. "It's those little nudges that you [should] pay attention to" to improve your ... awareness, Barnum tells us. What, we ask, can we do to develop true clairvoyance from this perception? "Be open," she says. "Make a conscious decision to go beyond this perception," she suggests, and adds, "Just relax a bit." (We are only too happy to try the last part.) Below you will find Barnum's best advice on how to access his intuition - through which, with time, with patience and above all openness, you will open the door to your greater media development.
Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
Follow your gut feeling
Your intuition is there for a reason: Your building instinct is often right. Barnum finds that not enough people are willing to really listen to their gut instincts, even if that can be the best route to a better self-assessment: "When you think of a situation that you are dealing with ... and you think about it If you feel really bad, then maybe [you] should really change something, "she explains. Taking your intuition seriously is an easy and courageous beginning to develop your clairvoyant perception." The easiest and most likely way to connect with your own clairvoyant abilities, "she adds," that one [perceives] when one feels something. "

Practice, practice, practice
"Anyone can develop and perceive their intuition, no matter who," Barnum tells us. She quickly adds, however, "that it is a little bigger step to clairvoyance." The only way to get there is practice Strengthening these forces most effectively, either for yourself or with someone else. Try to guess what's on the next TV channel or play cards with someone and try to feel which card he or she drew. Of course yours will Guesswork may not be more than a shot in the dark in the beginning, but in time you will likely notice small signs that point you in the right direction. Practice is the key word and Barnum does it with the following metaphor, which is one of one Clairvoyant did not necessarily expect it to be in no uncertain terms: "Anyone can grab a baseball bat and hit balls, but not everyone is en equal to Babe Ruth. "

Find your own personal approach
You probably already have a ready-made opinion about what clairvoyant skills look like. Perhaps for you clairvoyants are something like tarot card readers or fortune tellers with a crystal ball. However, when strengthening your own strength, Barnum warns you to forget everything you think you know about it. "Not everyone experiences clairvoyant or intuitive abilities in the same way," she explains, adding that all five senses can be potential channels for information from the past or the future. You may hear things, see things, or experience full-body senses when you use your intuition. It is very different for everyone. Barnum makes it clear that there are many different ways to reach the other side, and that anyone can reach that side: "It's never too late. I've worked with children ... and I've worked with people who were in their 80s. "
Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
Be prepared for anything
Tapping into your own extrasensory perception is a bit like tuning a radio, says Barnum: “You will perceive a lot of background noise, especially at the beginning.” In other words: not everything that you “receive” while practicing also results make sense. Again: just trust yourself and trust that what you receive, be it a picture or a trivial object or even just a first name, means something and is worth considering. And don't be surprised if you also notice a few negative energies while practicing, warns Barnum: "If you are totally open and try to communicate with the other side, you are also totally open to anything negative that can come in." In Barnum takes her radio comparison a little further in her own work as a medium. She describes this as a measure with which she protects herself from negative influences: "I just let it run through ... right through me, and let it flow to where it needs to go."

It should be fun!
Barnum ends our conversation with one last piece of advice, which is also the simplest: “It should be fun. It's not supposed to be hard work. ”Clairvoyant skills don't develop overnight, so don't be frustrated. Developing our intuition should naturally lead to self-discovery, and that won't happen as long as you feel like you have to force yourself to practice every day. "If it goes so far that you find it difficult and you are only stressed because of it, let go ... just let it be that day," says Barnum. If you don't enjoy practicing at all, you should perhaps reconsider why you do this at all, because, according to Barnum, “it should be a natural addition to yourself.” Go inside, remember why you started doing it in the first place, and don't take it so seriously.