What do Americans think of Sarah Palin?

A world power undermines itself : The USA is on the way to a "failed state"

The American magazine "The Atlantic" has already put an article by the publicist George Packer planned for its June issue online. It's about the USA in the times of Corona - under the title "We Are Living in a Failed State".

A German translation of the text prints the latest “Zeit”, but without the provocative original title and the addition: “The coronavirus did not destroy America. It reveals what was already destroyed. "

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George Packer, formerly a Fellow of the American Academy in Berlin and author of an award-winning “Inner History of the New America”, says that the Trump administration has acted at the level of states like Pakistan and Belarus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Packer speaks of a “corrupt political class, a sclerotic bureaucracy, a heartless economy” and a “divided, disrupted public”. At the latest after the first two world crises of the 21st century, September 11, 2001 and the financial crisis in 2008, populism won in the USA.

Sarah Palin was the harbinger of Donald Trump

It was not Barack Obama who was the herald of a new era, but the “absurd” Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. As a harbinger of Donald Trump.

Is the United States really a "failed state"? So far, this attribution has only been valid for ruinous state structures such as Afghanistan or Somalia.

Despite China's rise, the USA is still the leading world power - but leading where? When Trump surprisingly won the presidency, the hope was that the egomaniacal amateur could possibly mature into political office, and that there was still a “balance of power” through the institutions. But even this balance has now been disturbed, which is why a man with often mistaken ideas (“injecting disinfectant”) continues to hold onto power.

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Anyone who expected Trump's ineptitude and cynicism would politically make him a Corona victim himself is disappointed. The Democratic candidate Joe Biden is by no means the clear favorite against Trump in the presidential elections. And Biden embodies the next disappointment. The ex-Vice President of the Obama administration would be the infinitely lesser evil compared to four more years of Trump. So whatever you say about him would be a win.

A politician with the charisma of Michelle Obama is not in sight

But why Joe Biden at all? The Democrats and beyond their party lines all thoughtful, compassionate Americans had almost four years to reflect after the Trump shock.

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In terms of its size and possibilities, the USA is (still) blessed with talents, a pioneering spirit and ideas like no other country; But they also seem cursed as a former model of freedom and democracy: nonsensical electoral laws, a system that has never been reformed, which brings candidates up almost exclusively on the basis of big money, and an unfortunate mixture of irrational populism and the harshest commerce undermine world power from within.

And as an alternative to a soon-to-be 74-year-old disaster president, they only produce a man who is almost 78 years old on election day in November, in the twilight of his political life. These are actually the signs of a failed state.

It is possible that a more charismatic woman as Biden's runner-up candidate will soon appear like a light at the end of the tunnel. Just who will it be?

A politician with the charisma and intelligence of Michelle Obama, who is not up for election herself, is not yet in sight.

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