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Theft protection - vehicle tracking - car

Experts take over the tasks

Investigators and employees of external security companies take care of everything else should a theft occur. This is also a special feature of SHERLOG. Normally, the car can still be located, but if it is in another European country, where it is usually taken by thieves, it is beyond the reach of the German authorities. Cooperation with foreign authorities is usually difficult and lengthy and the entire investigation is exhausting and exhausting for the normal car owner. At SHERLOG, you have experienced investigators at your side who are available around the clock and take care of everything that has to be done after a theft.

They take over the task of informing the police and transmit the data that they have received via the location system. If the car is actually secured, they also take care of the next steps. Car theft investigations are often not a priority and can drag on for a long time. The car owner is left with financial damage and an empty parking space.

With SHERLOG you have experts on hand who are familiar with the return of stolen cars and who know the processes involved. If the vehicle is found, they take over the vehicle identification and the negotiation of the release.
These official steps are often time-consuming and extremely stressful for the owner. SHERLOG takes over these tasks and takes care of the lawful return of the stolen vehicle to its owner.