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Lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5

General information on the composition of lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5

Contains lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5 12% total nitrogen

The plant uses nitrogen as a growth nutrient.
The lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5 is a purely mineral fertilizer. The nitrogen contained is mostly in the form of nitrate. Nitrate is immediately absorbed by the plant and quickly leads to growth success. The effects last up to two weeks. When fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, one should determine the nitrogen requirement in the soil beforehand in order not to overfertilize the soil. When fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, there is a risk of scalding (especially lawn) due to over-fertilization, as well as pollution of the environment through nitrate leaching.

Contains lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5 5% phosphorus

Phosphorus promotes the formation of crumbs, which improves the air and water balance in the soil. This also reduces the risk of erosion (removal of soil by wind and water) and silting up (displacement of soil particles on the soil surface by raindrops or generally by (also flowing) water movement). Phosphorus stabilizes the soil and provides plants with an increase in energy. The phosphorus component creates bridges between the humus particles.

Contains lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5 5% potassium

By strengthening the cell tissue, potassium makes the plant more resistant to weather influences. This is especially important in early spring and autumn to protect against the cold season. Potassium improves water absorption. It is also important for the development of new leaves and fruits.

Contains lawn fertilizer Eco 12-5-5 3% magnesium

Magnesium is an important plant component and is quickly available to the plant. Magnesium ensures a stable energy balance. Magnesium is jointly responsible for the formation of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, as well as an important component in metabolic processes.