Is Ant Man a good superhero

Ant-Man on RTL - review: superhero film off the rack

The mini-superhero "Ant-Man" fools his way through an action comedy without visions, but with chic aha effects. RTL shows the film on Sunday evening in prime time.

Science Fiction • July 5th, 2020 • 8:15 pm

The Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of some terrific ("Iron Man"), remarkable ("Thor") or hilarious ("Guardians of the Galaxy") superhero films. "Ant-Man" (2015) is not a flop, but it certainly doesn't belong in any of these categories. Rather, it is perhaps the most surprising film from the Marvel universe. RTL is now repeating the superhero story at prime time.

The greatest strength of "Ant-Man" is its hero: The nice average guy Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who wants to be a good father. What he is above all: a master thief with Robin Hood airs. Because he has been in jail several times because of it, his wife has a newcomer and Scott has no right to visit. His daughter Cassie still sees him as a hero. So it is a good thing that Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) have big plans for him: They shrink him to the size of an ants in order to put an end to the villain Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) with his help.

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One has to state: "Ant-Man" is a smoothly brushed film off the shelf that lacks any vision. In contrast to the Marvel splendid specimens, the studio put creative shackles on here. With Peyton Reed ("The Yes Man") a director has been appointed who is obviously enough to be a solid comedy craftsman. "Ant-Man" is therefore more of an average comedy with action elements and flirtation than a superhero film with a joke. However, the ease with which the comic book adaptation reduces the bombast of earlier Marvel films to absurdity is pleasing.

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