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Night diapers for adults - expert tips

Night diapers for adults are a sensitive matter for those affected and their relatives. In our "Expert Tip" series, an expert has a say and gives helpful tips on incontinence and caring for those in need. In today's part, Ms. Manuela Busse, doctor's assistant and incontinence expert, answers questions about diapers for adults and how you should best provide night care for the person in need of care.

Incontinence guide INSENIO: Caregiving relatives are often faced with the problem that the night diapers for adults did not "hold", that is, they leaked during the night. The night clothes are wet, the bedclothes, the mattress. What can relatives do in this situation?

Manuela Busse: There are a number of ways in which to use the correct adult night diapers and how to use them correctly. Often, errors in the use of the tools are the cause of the problem. If you discover them, the matter is resolved very quickly and relieves relatives and those in need of care quickly. Special advice is required for extreme cases.

What can you do specifically?

Manuela Busse: As a first preventive measure, it is advisable to go to the toilet shortly before going to bed. Then you should choose incontinence products for the night, i.e. night diapers for adults, with particularly high suction power and then change them at least once a night.

Which incontinence material can you recommend?

Manuela Busse: Absorbent incontinence pads, over which you can then put on fixation pants or mesh pants, are very suitable. With this combination you achieve extremely high suction power, low risk of leakage and the ideal fit. Highly absorbent incontinence pads are available from Hartmann, e.g. the MoliCare Premium Form Super Plus (formerly MoliForm Premium soft super). I can also recommend incontinence diapers for adults like Super Seni Quatro. They have proven their worth especially with bedridden patients. The MoliCare Premium Elastic 10 drops is more suitable for people in need of care who can still use the toilet on their own. Because despite the side closures, it is elastic enough and can be slipped over the legs. The only disadvantage: They are a little more expensive in price. If you are looking for cheaper night diapers for adults, I recommend MoliCare Slip Maxi.

What about pants, i.e. diaper pants? Are they just as recommendable or should you pay attention to something when wearing them at night?

Manuela Busse: Pants and diaper pants are only partially suitable for night care. They are not so tight, they can slip at night and the risk of leakage increases as a result. That is why I often say to those affected and to relatives that they should try incontinence pads or night diapers for adults, which are simply better attached to the body.

What does a correct night care look like in your eyes?

Manuela Busse: You should always have the incontinence material ready in two suction strengths. Over time, you can roughly estimate the frequency of urination. The wearing time then depends on this.

An example: If the incontinence patient is made ready for bed at 8 p.m., the changeover time is 3 a.m. For this first period one should choose a product with high suction power. Medium-high suction power is sufficient for the time between 3 and 7 a.m. In this way, they can design care with foresight and save costs without deteriorating care.

Expert Manuela Busse advises:
Night diapers for adults - have two levels of suction ready! That saves costs!

What are the typical mistakes in night care and how can our readers avoid them?

Manuela Busse: Most mistakes are easy to avoid. First and foremost, a tip: the incontinence pad should always be brought into shape before being put on, i.e. briefly squeeze the middle lengthways so that the side cuffs stand up. The incontinence pads should always sit in the middle of the crotch, i.e. cover the front and back areas evenly. Many have the habit of pulling the template up at the back or placing it extra backwards. You shouldn't do that.

So what about the panties so adult diapers? Are there usage errors here too and how can they be avoided?

Manuela Busse: Those in need of care are mostly attracted to others and often relatives or the nursing staff do not know whether and when the night diapers for adults are properly seated. But there is a rule of thumb for this: The night diapers for adults sit correctly when the side fasteners are on the side, do not overlap and do not lie on the bottom.

It is not uncommon for relatives to choose the wrong size. Then the panties do not fit well. But you can easily tell whether you have chosen the right size: The side fasteners are on the side, do not meet in the middle and are not at the very end of the diaper. The same applies here: shape the incontinence product before use and fold it in the middle.

What else should our readers consider when it comes to night care or night diapers for adults?

Manuela Busse: For additional security, medical documents in bed are helpful in the event that something should go wrong. Regular and thorough skin care is important. One should pay close attention to it, because wearing incontinence material is always a strain on the skin. With regular changes and the right skin care, you can prevent skin irritation in a targeted manner. Make sure you use pH-neutral washing products and regularly apply cream to your skin.

What if, despite the means mentioned, the adult night diapers leak anyway?

Then a separate consultation is necessary. This advice can be offered by nurses and product experts.

About Ms. Busse

Ms. Manuela Busse is a doctor's assistant (medical assistant) and incontinence expert. She has over 30 years of professional experience in nursing - both outpatient and fully inpatient. As an incontinence expert, she advises those affected, relatives and families.

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