What can we learn from Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa - a life for the poor

Mother Teresa - a life for the poor

Nobel Peace Prize, -e (m.) - an international award for people who have done something important for peace in the world

to canonize someone - canonize someone with a celebration in the Catholic Church (noun: the canonization)

Pope, Popes (m.) - the most powerful man in the Roman Catholic Church

Nun, -n (f.) - a woman who has chosen to serve God and lives in fellowship with other women

Needy, -n (m./f.) - a person who is very poor and needs the help of others

Miracle - (n.) - a supernatural and good event that cannot be explained

to recognize something - here: see something as officially valid

Healing, -en (f.) - the act of making a sick person well

wealthy - with a lot of money; rich

Donation, -n (f.) - something (e.g. money or items) that is given away to help other people

Volunteers (male / female) - someone who works without pay because he wants to help

Monk - a man who has chosen to serve God and lives in fellowship with other men

take care of someone - Giving someone what they need

Medal, - (m.) - here: a Christian community of men or women who live together according to the rules of their religion

Missionaries / missionaries - someone who wants to convince other people (in other countries) of their religion

Charity (f., Singular only) - the fact that you help strangers

Hindu, -s (m./f.) - someone who belongs to the Indian folk religion Hinduism

convert someone - get someone to change religion

spread something - here: making sure that there is more of something