What is your drunk personality

A little alcohol loosens the tongue and releases inhibitions. Anyone who hates sober hugs often becomes a love-hungry cuddle monster when drunk. Anyone who is otherwise as dumb as a fish will babble like a waterfall after two gin & tonics. The fact that our personality changes when we have been drinking has not only struck us, but also the scientists of the University of Missouri in the USA. The researchers therefore asked themselves which of the two personalities is ours now real Personality is - the sober or the drunk?

For the study, which appeared in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, the psychologists 156 volunteers according to their Drinking habits questioned. They should also assess how they are perceived by those around them when they are sober and drunk. Then half of them were asked to drink enough alcohol to reach a blood alcohol level of 0.9 per mille.

The partly sober and partly drunk participants in the study then had to cope with tasks through which the "Big Five"Personality strands of the respondents (Openness, conscientiousness, sociability, consideration and Neuroticism) were recorded and assessed by the researchers. These data were then compared with the information provided by the volunteers.

What came out of it? Contrary to all assumptions, the personalities of the participants in the study hardly changed when they were sober and drunk. The scientists were able to determine significant changes in only one of the five personality strands. So were drunken participants more extroverted, more decisive and more sociable.

So when we're drunk, we're no different than when we haven't had any alcohol! Our drunk personality is just our normal personality with a little more confidence.

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