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Jennifer Lawrence: Tips for Robert De Niro

Even at the proud age of 72 and despite his impressive film career, Hollywood star Robert De Niro still has an open ear for advice from his colleagues about his acting skills. The “Taxi Driver” star received some helpful tips from Jennifer Lawrence in particular.

Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro already have three joint films on their account. In 2013 they both stood in front of the camera for “American Hustle”, the 25-year-old played his daughter in the film “Joy” and Robert De Niro played the father of her dance partner in “Silver Linings Playbook”. It goes without saying that the two actors can be fairly familiar with each other, but that a world star like Robert De Niro can be shown new tricks by a 47-year-old who was recently considered a newcomer in the film business, is an amusing idea.

“She gave me advice on how to play the scene or how to portray something. I'm pretty relaxed about that, ”he told Haute Living magazine. “This is how it should work.” At the same time, the Hollywood star admitted, he didn't feel very comfortable talking to others about her acting. Only when he had an idea that he really wanted to share with Jennifer or when she asked him for advice did he come to her aid with his suggestions.

Robert De Niro: "I love Jennifer Lawrence!"

But that didn't seem to be necessary that often, because Robert De Niro, who also likes to be called simply "Bob" by friends and colleagues, never got out of raving about the working attitude of the actress in an interview with "Haute Living" out: “I just love Jennifer. She's gorgeous. She has a lot of energy, works hard and is wonderful to work with. "

It seems that Hollywood's new dream team has come together in Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. We hope that the two actors will soon find a new project together.

Image Source: GettyImages / Charley Gallay