Is masturbation safe during early pregnancy?

Pleasure during pregnancy Taboo subject? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! 5 facts you should know about masturbation during pregnancy

1. Fact about masturbation during pregnancy: We have more desire for sex when we are pregnant anyway.

One thing is the same in advance: hormones that normally occur in small amounts in the body occur in multiple amounts during pregnancy. And that also applies to our sex hormones. In addition, the labia and clitoris are particularly well supplied with blood during this time and are therefore receptive to stimuli. Not to mention the emotional roller coaster that many women ride on during pregnancy.

Conclusion:Your desire for sex and masturbation can literally explode. Your partner will probably think that's great. What if he's not at home? Then it says: the woman is herself. Because masturbation and sex during pregnancy are not only allowed, they are even encouraged.

2. Fact about masturbation during pregnancy: It all depends on the right technique.

Pay attention to the correct position when masturbating and also when having sex during pregnancy. You should avoid prone positions from the age of five to avoid putting pressure on your baby. Masturbation while lying on your back, crouching or standing are absolutely no problem. The best thing to do is to literally listen to your stomach and change positions when your baby protests.

And while we're at it, we can talk about the recommended sex position during pregnancy: You are lying on your side and your partner is penetrating you from behind. This allows for a lot of closeness, while your partner cannot penetrate you too deeply; in addition, this position is gentle on the stomach.

3. Fact about masturbation during pregnancy: Orgasms train the pelvic floor.

Orgasms have several advantages. They make your heartbeat rise, blood circulation is stimulated, stress hormones are reduced and feelings of happiness rush through the body. And the best thing for pregnant women: the pelvic floor is trained!

A trained pelvic floor is essential for childbirth and the recovery phase. If the pelvic floor is strong, premature labor is less likely. In addition, many women suffer from incontinence after giving birth, which can only be remedied through specific pelvic floor training. Conclusion: masturbation is probably the most pleasant way to strengthen the pelvic floor - and very effective.

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4. Fact about masturbation during pregnancy: It doesn't harm the baby.

Even if the rumor is still going around that masturbation during pregnancy could harm the baby: That's not true! In fact, masturbation has one major benefit for your baby: it breaks down stress hormones and sends large amounts of happiness hormones through the body. Your baby will also benefit from this.

5. Fact about masturbation during pregnancy: Your baby is not aware of anything.

The prospective daddies in particular are often unsure whether the baby might not notice something from the lovemaking after all. Here, too, we can reassure you: Of course your baby will notice the increased heartbeat and the good hormones, but otherwise it will not notice anything. Thanks to the uterine wall and the amniotic fluid, it is protected from bumps, vibrations and noise, and the mucous plug that closes the cervix also keeps germs away from the baby. In short: your body ensures that your baby is fine even during masturbation.

Masturbation & sex during pregnancy: when to be careful?

Normally, you don't need to take any special precautions. However, women who have already had miscarriages before this pregnancy should do so, or suffer from bleeding, placenta praevia or a chronic disease such as diabetes - consult your gynecologist. It explains which sex practices are safe for you and your baby.

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