How bad is Ronaldo

Infected Cristiano Ronaldo flies despite the corona virus : Chivalrously against the apocalypse

First of all, the good news: Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is doing great, he can even fly again! Despite a positive Covid 19 diagnosis, the Portuguese soccer world star made it into his special aircraft and jetted from Lisbon to Turin. He had the strength to take full advantage of the medical care offered there.

Upon arrival from Turin Airport, Ronaldo took the opportunity to hop into his private ambulance to be chauffeured home. After the quarantine on the plane, he is now in domestic isolation, on definitely more than 1000 square meters. But with all the pity for this harsh fate, the message that Ronaldo has spread into the world, is much more exciting: Corona passes in a flash. He is clearly walking in the footsteps of Donald Trump.

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Just days after the illness, the US President is already doing gymnastics in front of large crowds through his election campaign and Ronaldo would certainly like to kick the ball again today.

Isn't everything so bad with the Corona - the message that these men are cheering with power into the world is adventurous - at a time when the number of infections is increasing worldwide. And it unsettles you in a phase in which, for example, many representatives from politics in this country spread apocalyptic rather than reassuring messages among the people. What is actually going on? Who should we believe? Ronaldo or Angela Merkel? It is not the virus that creates confusion, but the people.

Sure, exposed representatives of humanity always have privileges, while the ordinary citizen of Berlin is not even allowed to visit a vacation home in Brandenburg, Ronaldo flies through the air. But there are people who, if need be, are ruthless in doing what they want to do. That's another reason why we shouldn't go crazy collectively. Shaking your head is allowed. Laugh, too, if necessary.

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