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Disney Streaming & TV

From Mickey Mouse to the Muppets to the Simpsons

Disney is one of the world's leading media groups, so streaming and TV are of great importance for the entertainment group from the USA. Many television viewers only think of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck when they hear the name Disney. But the days when the cartoon heroes set the tone are long gone. Walt Disney himself was active in the field of feature films and documentaries, and he also knew early on how to make use of the medium of television by using the television program Walt Disney's Disneyland in the 1950s to focus on his latest project, Disneyland in Anaheim, to draw attention. This TV series was continued under changing names, including Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and The Wonderful World of Disney.

The Walt Disney Company did not have its own TV station for a long time. The television market in the US was firmly in the hands of three major television companies until the 1980s: ABC, CBS and NBC.

Since 1977 there have been plans to create their own television station in order to be able to better distribute their own content. This idea was initially not pursued, because at the time the major project Epcot Center in Walt Disney World was the focus of interest.
The plans were soon revived and in 1983 The Disney Channel went live. The Walt Disney Company’s first TV channel.
This laid the foundation for the Disney TV empire, which really took off in the 1990s when Disney Capital Cities / ABC Inc. took over.
The next giant step followed in 2018 with the takeover of 21st Century Fox. As a result of the various takeovers, TV formats such as the cult series The Simpsons are now also part of Disney.
The various television channels and TV stations are managed by Walt Disney Television.

For some years now, the medium of television has been competing with streaming. In the meantime, Disney is also heavily involved in this market. The company is not one of the pioneers here, but has introduced its own worldwide streaming service with the launch of Disney +, which already had a considerable number of subscribers a short time after it was launched. A comprehensive expansion concept is planned for the next few years in order to be able to keep up with competitors such as Netflix and Amazon.
In addition to Disney +, The Walt Disney Company is also involved in the streaming service Hulu, which is active in the USA, and is planning to start another global streaming service called Star.