Can you fly in Skyrim

On into the cramp

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  1. Re: On into the cramp

    Author: dabbes 08.12.11 - 17:13

    Have already killed 10 kites pi times, I'm somewhere at level 39 and have collected half of the kite sayings, I find the kites boring.

    Compared to multiple opponents with magic, the dragons are a joke.

  2. The key question is: ...

    Author: The hero of the strawberry field 08.12.11 - 17:18

    Why - by the Nine / Eight - would anyone of sane mind even want a dragon to land?

    Regardless of the specialization I am currently playing, I am happy when the critters stay where they are and don't mess with my craft. The dragons, which I have to rivet relevant to the quest, have a certain tendency (at this moment to be recognized) to seek my proximity anyway.

    Otherwise dragons are boring opponents that can only be clicked to death easily or with difficulty, depending on the level. The prey also rather moderate, because every dungeon crawl provides more variety and prey than the few bones and scales that I can extract from the carcass of the oversized lizard.

    The only incentive to deal with the creatures more than necessary is actually to collect dragon souls to unlock new shouts. I find myself regularly forgetting that I still have them and actually wanted to use them.

    Be that as it may, the dragons are what they are. If you really want to hunt them, you have to acquire the appropriate skills. Nobody complains that rabbits and foxes always run away so quickly before they can be killed for their clubs or their fur.

  3. Re: The key question is: ...

    Author: Ama 08.12.11 - 18:04

    The problem has obviously not arrived - maybe I should open the door for him, hang a "Guest" sign, sully with ketchup and maneuver it to the middle of the party, just so that it is more visible. But then the problem is not happy, because it prefers to remain undetected.

    Puff cake, not like that.

    I am very little interested in what role-play explanation there may be as to why Siglinde, the Holde, anger of all court dragons with their mother-in-law souls suddenly chases backwards through the air and, although there is a hiss and a voice from the off tells me that I am not because of the presence of enemies Can travel fast, but does not want to fight because ... he may not feel like it, is tired, has migraines or has the blessing of a functioning body that wants to prove his possible fertility once a month with the gift of his period.

    I am also very little interested in how "exciting" someone thinks my class, because a hero is a hero and if the developers give me this freedom, then they have to design the thing in such a way that I have this freedom without any disruptive penalty . Or, conversely, player XYZ has to accept that player YZX curses these freedoms precisely because of the mean emptiness density of 1 of a dragon that is not-so-ready-to-fight.
    Apart from that, to emphasize it again: Why do I care what degree of tension my character combination creates in others? This is not "Skyrim's Next Tophero" or "The Voice of Dragony", but my game - it is solo gaming. Solo, because after some postings in the forum at the latest I have naturally built up enough misanthropy to enjoy the soloism.

    With benevolent exceptions :)

    Why do you want the flying counterpart to a cockroach to land? Certainly not because of the booty. Souls - I'm slowly feeling like Satan, I've had enough, Hell is tight. Because of the popularity, because I love fights and stat bars on the amount and intensity of damage from MMOs don't give me a proper orgasm? Probably less.

    The dragons have good timing and may tend to attack when you are crouching around the village and want to talk to someone. If this happens, it may be that after the end of the fight, as described, the villagers blame you for the appearance of the dragon. Which, for historical reasons, is not necessarily far-fetched.
    I don't really care if anyone thinks they don't, because even if I don't do anything, it happens that one of the residents now and then thinks to hit me instead of the kite. Why not. It could well be that, from an olfactory point of view, I resemble a dragon.

    To the faction of the Skyrim friends: Skyrim is great, calm down, stay relaxed.
    To the differentiating remainder: God, the thing belongs in some moments nailed to the forehead of the responsible developer. This constant approaching, flying away, approaching, flying away has something of petting: you know what you want, but the other has the empathy of a jackhammer. So evenings are spent standing for free. Literally.


    Edited 5 times, last on 08.12.11 18:10 by Ama.

  4. Re: On into the cramp

    Author: netweird 08.12.11 - 18:14

    written absolutely fantastic :)
    the fact is: i know morrowind, oblivion and now skyrim.
    and no elder scrolls title i have gambled AS INTENSIVELY as this one. it's absurd: I love it DESPITE all the intricacies, in spite of all the bugs.
    major quest bug after the best dungeon so far: annoyed to death - but then: free.
    the kites don't land - for free. oh yes: the hottest kite was the one that hasn't landed for a long time and I WANTED it. at some point he landed --- but was dead !! he just flown himself to death. totally realistic again. without a single shot arrow, he willingly bequeathed his dragon soul to me. this is how heroes act today :)
    The companion quest in the dungeon cannot be completed because the npc, inconceivably, remains inside at the exit - free.
    i love skyrim.
    It's monstrous, it's big, it's atmospherically dense, gloomy, it seems "realistic" with all the bulkiness, the dungeons are really really good, the cities appear different. just go to markarth and play "Haus des Schreckens" there; ingenious paranormal activity quest.

    skyrim has no main quest line, you experience new "short stories" every day, or you enchant a little or cook your way.
    i stop writing now and crawl through a few dungeons.
    thank you bethesda;)

    Edited 4 times, last on 08.12.11 18:19 by netweird.

  5. Re: On into the cramp * ATTENTION SPOILERS *

    Author: Satan 08.12.11 - 19:54

    I already had one-handed to 100 at level 30. But for sneak attacks, dragons and dangerous opponents, the bow had to be used, that's why I somehow have it at 80 or something. So both can be done without any problems.

  6. Re: On into the cramp

    Author: Satan 08.12.11 - 20:02

    the Elder Dragons that pop up in the cities every now and then are a little more interested. 3-4 screams and you're dead (with a health of ~ 400). Otherwise it's really just fast food ... would have found it better if the things were heavier and a little more intelligent and would not show up so often (once had 8 kites in one day, that's clearly too much), because at the beginning I am happy you can still think about the great fighting fights and the epic soundtrack, but in the long run ...

  7. Re: The key question is: ...

    Author: The hero of the strawberry field 09.12.11 - 09:35

    Ama wrote:
    > I am also very little interested in how "exciting"
    > someone holds my class, because a hero is a hero
    > and if the developers give me this freedom, then
    > Do you have to design the thing so that I can do this
    > Have freedom without any disruptive penalty.

    What you seem to want to consistently overlook: There are no predefined classes in Skyrim. If you decide, because of your watery soup, to completely do without long-range weapons, that is YOUR willful decision with which YOU accept that you cannot really attack someone who does not face you in close combat immediately and in principle. This applies to dragons as well as to any other creature that can theoretically be touched, but which is not as suicidal as, for example, Skyrimic wolves.

    The developers HAVE already designed it so that you can use the cheapest bow that any third-rate bandit leaves behind after death to put an iron arrow in the ass of the dragon of your desire. It doesn't matter to the cattle that only a part per thousand of their health is withdrawn from them, you still have their undivided attention afterwards. And if you are not standing in a crevice in which even swallows circle three times before they consider landing, the lizard will sit down in front of you so that you can split its skull. :-)

    If you have purchased Skyrim with the sticker "Now also suitable for pure hand-to-hand fighters", you can of course legitimately complain. Otherwise it is - excuse me - quite pointless howling, because your special immersion does not conform to the basic game design. You wanted to kill dragons with the ax, and only with this ax, Skyrim does not deliver that. With that you have - now it's out - simply acquired the wrong game for you. :-P

    As an aside: I also find it strange, of course, that dragons of all people, death personified, the destroyers of worlds and what else do I know, find every mud crab more interesting than their fate-determined archenemy or even make their rounds completely indolent. For example, I would like to hunt bears in Skyrim with bear traps, which, however, are only used by bandits or my character. But now it is so and the inclined hunter now has to adapt to the behavior of his prey and the conditions of his territory.

  8. Learn archery, or get yourself a Hireling that can do it.

    Author: M.Kessel 09.12.11 - 09:58

    The dragons only land because Bethesda felt sorry for the sword-wielding casual gamers whose only solution is to shout at the dragon and wave the sword on the ground. : D

    Why should a kite land at all? Usually he must first be convinced, by arcs or magic, that in the long run it is more dangerous in the air than on the ground, where he can still bite.

    So your post just shows your inability to play a CRPG and adapt to different situations.

    Otherwise the kites are really too simple. Should have done a little more damage and have more life points.

  9. Re: Learn archery, or get yourself a Hireling that can do it.

    Author: Ama 09.12.11 - 10:19

    I think that basically two different things collide here. Some claim that "freedom" would mean that the player must have the freedom to do something, which is diametrically opposed to the concept of freedom in terms of content, but well. These are then, for example, the WoW old school advocates. Googled cookie cutter builds 4 life.

    The others assume that "freedom" now means that a game adjusts to the decision, otherwise the fun tends to zero. Mists of Pandaria friends. You can't make mistakes.

    I didn't write the post to get confirmation, I didn't even write it for it in the silent hope that a developer would respond to my writing. I hadn't even considered getting pity. Therefore, it was not a "howl", but a discussion of the subject - just as I do not, for example, call for jihad against the railway just because it arrives too late today. Even when I write about it.

    I can't do anything with the terms "howling" and "it's your own fault" and "you don't want to understand". Aside from the fact that they hit the wrong door - I don't live next door, not even near, let alone in the same town - I hadn't asked for it anywhere. That's why I wrote: "I don't care" - which was really not meant aggressively, but with Smiley would have countered the seriousness of what I wanted to express with it.

    Why should I "itch" at all?

    Obviously, it's tastes. I am not going to stick their bum down a chocolate fountain to someone who argues about their aversion to chocolate in a more or less funny way and wait until their eyes turn brown just because they cannot share _ my_ affection for chocolate.
    It is just as obvious that it is really important for one or the other to have the same opinion. Well, I have to say that the fight is being fought in the wrong place - you can run open doors to each other.

    Because, again, Skyrim isn't a bad game, but that doesn't mean I am selling every aspect of it as a bonus in the wake of cognitive dissonance. According to the motto "Well, the enema did me really good, and the feeling of being treated internally with a sandblaster at speed is just great, I can't get away from it. Like a million bubble butterflies in the rectum. Wohoo"

    No, thanks, that's not it :) At least, as I said: not for me :)

  10. Re: Learn archery, or get yourself a Hireling that can do it.

    Author: Nolan ra Sinjaria 09.12.11 - 11:02

    I don't know Skyrim but the series since Morrowind and freedom usually means that you as a player can do what you want, but should remember that you may have to live with consequences.
    Also, the game doesn't always tell you that you should have certain skills, for example to get a quest item or something similar.

    I can understand your annoyance, I would probably also annoy me if I had to run after such a cattle forever to finally kill it, but I see the situation like this:
    The dragon just didn't see you.
    Sure, the developers could have made it so that dragons always pounce on the player, but maybe they didn't do that to avoid the cliffracer effect.

    I have nothing against Christians. I have nothing against Muslims. I have nothing against vegetarians. I have nothing against Apple fans. But I have something against missionaries ...

  11. Re: On into the cramp * ATTENTION SPOILERS *

    Author: vosnjev 12.12.11 - 11:09


    Boys / girls you are great ;-D

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