How do I dispose of gas canisters

Dispose of gas bottles safely and in accordance with the regulations

Termination or interruption of the exchange

Anyone who uses gas cylinders normally goes into an exchange and rental system. The once purchased first gas bottle serves as an exchange item for the following. Swap dealers such as gas stations only hand over a new one when the old, empty gas bottle is handed in.

An exchange station or a dealer is always also legally authorized, a
to accept a returned gas cylinder without handing over a new one. However, there are cases in which one has expired or has exceeded its shelf life and the original place of purchase is not known or is far away.

Reasons for Disposal

In general, the operators of the exchange system are obliged to check the condition of the gas bottles and to remove defective ones from the market. In this way, disposal cases are normally no longer necessary for the borrowing buyer. Reasons for finally having to dispose of a gas cylinder include:

  • Conversion of a technical system such as a heating system
  • Relocation and relocation of the borrower
  • One-off and temporary needs such as for welding work or vacation diving bottles

Dealer or specialist disposal company

Gas traders such as petrol stations, camping outfitters or hardware stores are in most cases connected to the deposit system of the barter economy. When taking back the gas cylinder, the person who surrenders the deposit will be refunded. If the gas cylinder is damaged or no dealer in the vicinity agrees to take it back, a specialist disposal company must be consulted.

The world market leader for gases, Air Liquide, a company based in Düsseldorf for Germany, disposes of all pressurized gas containers in any condition. According to this, the collection points distributed throughout Germany comply with the statutory provisions of the Recycling Management Act and / or the waste and dangerous goods law. Some regional waste disposal companies offer the same services.

Procedure for professional disposal

In addition to fuel and liquid gases such as butane and methane, there are also helium and oxygen bottles for disposal. Approved and certified waste disposal companies offer the following range of services:

  • Assessment and testing of the gas cylinders before transport
  • Detection and identification of unknown content
  • Check of valve and outlet openings to ensure that they are free of damage
  • Creation of the legally required written documentation
  • Professional removal, if necessary in pressure-resistant protective containers
  • Environmentally friendly disposal and / or recycling of components, casing and contents

Emptied metal scrap

A special case of disposal can be created by professional emptying of residues. This type of disposal can be more advantageous, especially for regular users of several gas cylinders, as is the case in scientific laboratories or some types of craft businesses. The old gas bottles are emptied in accordance with the law and documented in writing by dismantling the valve or drilling. The “leftover bottle” is then scrap metal.

Even if you open the valve on your old gas cylinder for a long period of time, the cylinder is not considered to be empty in the legal sense and often is actually not.