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Worst of head chef

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There is actually nothing to see here. Just a few sausage salad rolls lying around on a plate as normal. We are really the last ones who would speak out against slipping into a meaty shame at three at night in the fridge naked, but served on a plate like that, well, I don't know. Are you happy to see me, or are these your sausage salad rolls that you brought to the garden party? Oh, actually the latter. Well, in that case have a nice evening, the party just ended spontaneously. Yes, a shame, I think too. No, take it with you again, I don't have my diarrhea-proof vest today, so I can't eat it. But to you: good hunger!

PS: We play on September 13th. two shows at Café Aera in Vienna, information here, you little sparrows ->

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