Wearing shoe insoles increases your height

Get bigger with orthopedic insoles? Height, feet

I am 22 (w) and have a strong knee. As a result, a flat foot and an expanding foot has also formed. Furthermore, I have had knee pain sometimes lately and in the morning I always have pain in the ankle, due to the buckle foot.

I actually really like to wear fancy shoes and don't own a single pair of sports shoes. I know that this is anything but good for my feet and will therefore change that now.

Can someone recommend good shoes that I can wear to help prevent further consequences of the deformity?

I have already been to the orthopedic surgeon who has analyzed my feet and will now make special insoles for me that I can pick up in the course of the next week.

I did a little bit of research and came across MBT shoes. I definitely don't want to wear shoes like that. I also discovered shoes from "Nike Free", which are supposed to create a barefoot feeling and thereby train the foot muscles.

Maybe there are BETTER and SOMETIME good-looking shoes, also very expensive ones for me, that can help me with my problematic feet.

The orthopedist said that a good sports shoe can help. The only question is, which one is good?

I would be very happy about some valuable tips and experiences!

Thanks and best regards!