Well worth the mountaineering

Photo story: slight ridges in the Allgäu

Erika Dürr, also known as "Ulligunde", imagine three wonderful ridges for daydreaming and mountaineering in the Allgäu in this photo gallery.

Admittedly: what is easy? Without a rope, a III is often demanding, with a rope the heavy backpack may not be worthwhile. Nevertheless, these "heavenly ladders" have their very own charm in a moderate degree of difficulty. We present three particularly beautiful ridges in the Allgäu in this photo gallery:

Twelve Apostles Ridge

Valley location: Pflach or Hohenschwangau

The Twelve Apostles Ridge leads over twelve spikes up to the striking Säuling, which can be seen from afar. The ridge always comes up with short climbing sections, but these are rarely really exposed. The key point is a III wall, which, however, is roped off. Otherwise, the ridge is usually undertaken without a safety rope.

Gehrenspitze west ridge

Valley location: Nesselwängle

The rope is worthwhile here: Areas up to IV degree have to be mastered, there are several bolts. In between there is also a lot of walking or easy climbing terrain, which makes the ridge particularly varied. Finding the way is easy, the deep view of Füssen and Reutte is sensational.

Board point

Valley location: Hinterhornbach

The tame ridge of this selection: Areas up to II (if you want up to III) must be conquered, but the rock is sensationally good and the climbing is not particularly exposed. Nevertheless, it is a long, alpine tour where the snowfield can cause problems on the ascent and descent. Grödel make sense in spring!

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