Has Minnie Mouse a middle name

1. Mickey Mouse was first called Mortimer.

2. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character who could also speak. Not yet in “Steamboat Willie”, but only in “The Karnival Kid” (1929).

3. Her first words were less philosophical than her gut: "hot dogs".


4. In the early years, Walt Disney himself lent his voice to Mickey Mouse.

5. The artists later gave Mickey Mouse white gloves so that viewers in the black and white cartoons could not get the impression that his hands were disappearing into his body.

6. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are actually married. Walt Disney once said this in an interview, but also emphasized that they would deliberately keep this a secret.

7. Mickey Rooney was certain that he was the inspiration for Mickey Mouse's first name throughout his life.

8. The first two short films starring Mickey Mouse cost the now seemingly modest sum of 2,500 US dollars.

9. In 1979 Disneyland Records released a real disco hit album, Mickey Mouse Disco, which went platinum several times. Also included: dance versions of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" and "It's a Small World".


10. Several surveys suggested that Mickey Mouse is more likely to be recognized than Santa Claus by children around the world.

"Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse": The Ultimate Chronicle

By the way: For the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, Taschen-Verlag will publish another volume in the splendid Disney archive series on November 18, which deals entirely with the most famous cartoon character in the history of animation. The premiere of “Steamboat Willie” will be celebrated, the first short film in which Mickey Mouse - at that time still an anarchic hero with saucer ears - could be seen.

The volume, equipped with a large number of rare photos, compiled from documents from the large Disney archive and public and private collections, reviews the triumphant advance of the mouse and provides details on 122 cartoons with Mickey Mouse. In addition, factory photos, storyboards and little-known drafts complete the overall package.

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In addition to the standard version, "Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse" is also available as an Art Edition (limited to 995 copies), with a facsimile of a Mickey Mouse merchandise catalog from 1936 and a portfolio with five prints.

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